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PDRF Event Report 07/14/2001 by: Dr. Clunky
Saturday, 14 July 2001 08:00

PDRF Event Report
by: Dr. Clunky

Friday night was really cloudy and had some intermittent showers. The night sky didn't have a single star glowing. Its reddish hue was signaling another cancelled drag race for the next day. Yet, the PDRF soldiered on. A confirmation text message sent to me, showed their confidence that all will be ok.

event_04.jpg (11032 bytes)

Saturday morning came, and the skies still weren't clear. The clouds still looked like they were going to release their cargo at any moment. Yet, another text message from the PDRF said that the race was on!

Sure enough, once we got to the MHC, the clouds thinned out and the tarmac was dry. Cars were already running time trials and more were still registering to race.

event_05.jpg (20122 bytes)

event_06.jpg (13802 bytes)

48 participants showed on this day. Not a bad turn out. I guess the three weeks of event-less Saturdays had motivated racers to show.

Several teams were well represented. SportsMaster R, Team Wunder Bugs, Group5, AutoPlus, Redline Racing, Strip Teasers, Good Guys, Protege Tech, JOMAG, Tony Llames Racing, San Jacinto Racing, GASPEED, Goodwrench Racing, Autoindustriya.com, just to name a few.

Old school cars were abundant! The JOMAG team showed with a '79 Lancer powered by a 4G63T! Sporting "cheater slicks" and traction bars, this car definitely was a blast from the past. Conservatively driven, it ran 15.2 (Looks like Burny has competition!).

Then there was the Wunder Bugs entry, a Volkswagen Beetle. Motivation comes from a 1900+cc engine with dual 50mm Webber carbs and a "stinger" exhaust. The car had been in storage for quite some time. Tuning needed to be done. Despite this, the little bug still ran in the low 13's, with a best of 13 flat for the day! With a bit more track time, I'm sure this car can do much better than that.

Click here to view the PHOTO GALLERY for this event

In the "new school" front, Redline Racing's Marvin Montecillo (a.k.a. YABANG!), struggled to get the black Civic EG to break the 13's. This was the same record breaking car he drove, except it had a different engine this time. Run after run, it clocked in the 13.1 to 13.2 range. In a desperate move, Dondi Montecillo, Crew Chief at Redline (also the father of Marvin) decided to try street tires! The thinking behind it was that the slicks might have been "too much" frictional drag at the topend. Sure enough, street tires and all, the little EG ran a 12.785 @ 106.38mph!!! (note: this trapspeed is faster than the ALL MOTOR RECORD)

Unfortunately, that was to be the last run for the day. During elimination's, the EG had enough and broke a connecting rod right at the start line! YOU DONE!!!

Then there was Vicente Peña and his venerable Lancer EVO V. This car, I've seen run after run, event after event... and still keeps on going! Always in the 12 second range and STREET DRIVEN EVERYDAY! According to Vic, the car had a slipping clutch, which would explain its high 12 second passes. Never the less, cooling it between rounds not only allowed the car to continue running, but also ganered him a win! (results below).

Of course my event report wouldn't be complete without mentioning the SILVER BULLET. Raymond Go's Civic EG was the quickest of the day. Complaining about traction problems, the best the little car could do was an 11.7, enough to claim BEST ET of the day. Traction or did the MOTEC just miss its tuner, Francisco Blanco, who was still on vacation during the event?

event_02.jpg (17943 bytes)

Quick 8- Raymond Go

Pro- Vicente Peña
HotStreet- Adel Ayroso
Street Stock- Edwin Estrella
All Blown- Vic Peña
All Motor- Arnel Laurora
All Mitsubisi- Vic Peña
All Honda- Ace Vergel
A quick note: Ace Vergel showed for the Shoot Out categories, running his now popular Honda S2000. With granny shifting and easy launches, Ace still managed to power the little convertible to a respectable 13.8 second ET, claiming the ALL Honda class.

event_03.jpg (12065 bytes)

A day of racing is always good. This recent event was no different. Despite some timing system hiccups and delays due to a competitors blown engine, everything ran smoothly. Judging by the smaller crew the PDRF showed with, it seems that the racers are more comfortable with how things are done at the strip. Add to that all the final rounds were REALLY CLOSE races, the spectators are, too, getting used to the excitement that Bracket Racing has to offer.

C U @ D Strip!!!

AHRA Event
Sunday, 03 June 2001 08:00

AHRA Event
by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)

ahra_event_002.jpg (14334 bytes) Ah, the sound of V8's in the air again! Omni Aviation is one of the few places in the Philippines where you will hear the roar of American Muscle cars as they travel at full bore on the tarmac.

Unseasonably, the rains seem to have arrived a tad early this year. The AHRA, accustomed to starting their events early, had to wait for racers till late in the afternoon to arrive. This allowed the clouds that loomed in the distance to come closer and release their cargo right over the track!

It rained close to an hour, but it did go away and allowed us racers to continue with the festivities.

The first order of the day was to  dry the track surface. This was accomplished by asking people to drive on the track, going round and round, in an effort to move the remaining moisture off the track surface.

This became a great chance for those who haven't been on the track to see what the drag racers see when going down the 1320. As for the more seasoned veterans, this was a kind of practice session to work out some setup bugs.

ahra_event_003.jpg (14396 bytes)
ahra_event_001.jpg (16628 bytes)
ahra_event_004.jpg (18074 bytes) ahra_event_005.jpg (22193 bytes)

The pretty ladies of the AHRA, as they hide from the rain...

Another pretty lady... a future drag racer from Team Skunkworks!

Only a few racers showed. 21 to be exact (yours truly included). Maybe the fact that this was the last race of the season before classes start had something to do with that. Nevertheless, the AHRA soldiered on and put on a great event. Lots and lots of close races in the Sportsman brackets. Both old and new cars battled down the 1320.

Speaking of close races, I was pitted against a 15 second Honda Civic SiR. I was driving an SUV running in the mid 18's. Not having lane choice, I was forced to run in the left lane, where redlights were common. To make sure that I don't cat that dreaded colored bulb, I decided to leave a bit later, hoping that my opponent wasn't as deft at the tree. Well so much for wishful thinking. In one of the closest races I've been in, the red Civic blurred past me just a few feet from the finish line. After checking the time slip, I lost by .01 of a second!!! The exact difference in our reaction times!!!ARGGHHH!!! Me DONE.

ahra_event_006.jpg (17137 bytes) ahra_event_007.jpg (16779 bytes) ahra_event_008.jpg (17685 bytes)

Elimination's started at around 6:30pm. Since the track wasn't dry enough for the Pro Class cars, the Sportsman Class ran ahead. Despite some timing system bugs (a loose connector) that required several re-runs, the event ended at 9:00pm. A testament to the efficiency of the AHRA.

Some announcements were given  during the driver's meeting. One of which that the extension of the Omni track was going to push through, with the generous donations of some very wealthy Norwegians. The proposed completion is October. If this does materialize, Omni will be the FIRST true, honest to goodness DRAG STRIP in the Philippines!

Other announcements were given to dispel some rumors about the length of the track surface. For those who are still in disbelief, the AHRA measured the track and verified that it is TRULY 1320 feet long.

ahra_event_009.jpg (13472 bytes)

A REAL burn-out by a thoroughbred!

All in all, despite several set backs, the AHRA proved once more that they do know what they are doing when it comes to putting on a good show. Can't wait to see the NEW Omni track in October!

C U @ D Strip!!!

ProSpeed Event 06/02/2001 by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)
Saturday, 02 June 2001 08:00

ProSpeed Event
by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)

prospeed_event_001.jpg (23237 bytes)
Boboy Rabe from Fusion R... Hmm, no hang-over for the night before?

ProSpeed is known for having one of the best shows in drag racing. Loud music, lots of sponsors and lots of racing action. June 2nd wasn't one of those days.

24 participants showed for the event. Unfortunately, 3 of them were sidelined during time trials. ATI Racing's Red Honda Civic EG swallowed a nut that held its ram air intake in place, ending its day. Too bad, too. Dominique from QC Tires had tuned the car well enough that it ran 14.7 just prior to its engine's departure.

prospeed_event_002.jpg (20600 bytes)
ProSpeed hard at work
Bagspeeed also entered a Honda Civic EG (yellow). Its clutch went south during a practice run. The other retirement, an older Mitsubishi Lancer with a 4G63T blew its turbo oil seals, began spewing clouds of white smoke down the track during a time trial run.
prospeed_event_004.jpg (22115 bytes)
Small crowd, but definitely dedicated

prospeed_event_005.jpg (21026 bytes)
Team Extreme in the House!

prospeed_event_007.jpg (21076 bytes)
One of our site viewers!

There was some excitement later on, after eliminations. Two celebrity drivers showed up to drive in the Shoot-Out Classes. Dominic Ochoa and Ace Vergel. Dominic drove ATI Racing Mitsubishi Lancer while Ace piloted his lightly hopped-up Honda S2000. Both celebrities were kind of like "fish out of water". Definitely out of their element, both drivers had troubles with the rigors of drag racing. I guess power shifting and getting good reaction times looks simpler than it really is!

Despite their set backs, they did bring a thrill to some of the ladies present. Even the Shell Racing girls got their kicks meeting the two "showbiz" drivers. Hopefully they will show up again and give drag racing another try.

June 2nd turned out to be one of the lighter days for ProSpeed. But celebrity racers and good old fashioned bracket racing kept things going. And yes, the music was still loud.


1st Mark Thomann Bagspeed 14.080
2nd Dennis Go M.S.F. Autoworks


Dennis Go M.S.F. Autoworks 16.586
Mark Thomann
John Chua M.S.F. Autoworks 16.101
Arnold Cortez ATI Racing
Jimmy Jimenez TACH Racing Team 16.454
Eric Gotamco M.S.F. Autoworks

prospeed_event_006.jpg (28230 bytes)
Carlo Manuel showing off our gift

prospeed_event_003.jpg (17996 bytes)
This is what happens when a nut falls in to a ram air scoop!

DRP TEAM PARTY!!! 06/01/2001 by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)
Friday, 01 June 2001 08:00

by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)


team_party_report_1.jpg (21899 bytes) team_party_report_2.jpg (20220 bytes) team_party_report_3.jpg (24113 bytes)

What started as a request from our Burn-Out Forum, ended up being a GREAT BIG BASH! 250+ DRP viewers filled the HOLODECK (and over flowed out in to the parking lot!).

To say that we were overwhelmed by the attendance would be such an understatement. With a skeleton crew made of a couple of friends and my wife, every minute of our time was dedicated to our gracious visitors.

Up front, my wife (Mai Mai) and friend (VT Roman) greeted our visitors. They also sold over 150 raffle tickets! The tickets were accompanied with the NEW DRP sticker as well as stickers from Outlast Batteries and Nodalo's Mufflers and Headers. Team after team streamed through the doors of the HOLODECK. And when things got crowded, people would hang out in the parking lot for an "Impromptu" Car Show!

team_party_report_4.jpg (21251 bytes)
Stickers, stickers and more stickers...
Three pool tables were reserved for play, by MATONETICS. Guests got to play for FREE! But since there were so many people, others had to play on the remaining tables on their own tab.

The 20 networked computers were equally filled. Teams played network games with each other. I guess this was their chance to "virtually" blow each other to bits (elsewhere other  than the Burn-Out Forum)!

One of the main attractions was the DRP Reaction Time Game. Utilizing a Race America Drag Race timing system and custom made (by the "Man in the Red Cap") accelerator pedals, Teams ran head to head in reaction time competition! Even people who don't drive taught some seasoned racers a thing or two about reaction times! Some of the avid players were from DOOM, Wheels Auto Performance, Team R-Spec and Team R-Mode.

As everyone was enjoying themselves, meeting people from other teams or playing the games available to them, the extremely delectable GRACE from REMY MARTIN served the visitors with 5 bottles of REMY SILVER...by the SHOT! Needless to say, NO ONE turned her down. I would be remise if I failed to report that our intrepid photographer didn't get more than side tracked from his duties by the allure of GRACE. He even volunteered to carry the serving tray for her! But his efforts didn't go un-noticed as he got the cellphone number of GRACE!!! (way to go JUDE!!!)

team_party_report_5.jpg (14290 bytes)
Nodalos's Stainless Steel mufflers
The highlight of the night had to be the DRP HORSEPOWER RAFFLE. With over 60,000Php worth of raffle prizes! Due to last minute ticket sales, the raffle started 5 past 12am. One by one tickets were pulled from a fish bowl and the winner of the prize was announced.

The biggest surprise of the night was the Multi-Prize winner, Reggie Ramos, from Team R-Spec. He won most of the coveted prizes. From the Fremuff muffler with a removable baffle to the Shell Velocity Duffel bag, Reggie's tickets just kept on getting picked! I even mixed the fish bowl of tickets several times just to make sure. But, time after time, his tickets kept on finding their way out of the bowl.

One of the rules of the raffle was that you had to be present to claim your prize, other wise, it would be forfeited and another ticket would be drawn. Those few from Team Extreme and Wheels Auto Performance, who left early (hmmm, was there a race somewhere?), you guys let go of some really cool prizes!

All of the raffle winners bought multiple tickets. The lesson here: Next time, BUY LOTS OF THEM! Just ask Reggie... it DOES work! (he bought 20 raffle tickets)

team_party_report_6.jpg (19315 bytes)
Shell Velocity Prizes

The grand prize of the night was a gift certificate from ATI Racing for its Pro Series Head Work service, worth a whopping 17,000Php. To make things a bit more interesting, we decided to pick 8 tickets from the bowl and then had the lucky souls compete for the prize in a QUICK 8 Reaction Time Elimination round!!! And, YES, Reggie Ramos was one of those picked for this game.

team_party_report_7.jpg (14359 bytes) team_party_report_8.jpg (11951 bytes) team_party_report_10.jpg (16560 bytes)
An Outlast Battery... Fremuff upgraded its pledge with a racing muffler with a removable baffle. The ever so yummy, GRACE, posing with Erick Nodalo.
team_party_report_14.jpg (18270 bytes)
And another premium prize in hand... Redline Racing's Dennis Ong handed over the prize from Outlast Batteries
team_party_report_13.jpg (13267 bytes)
The ATTORNEY posing with his raffle prize from Shell Velocity
Two by two, the combatants faced each other at the "tree", in a "challenge the winner" elimination. In their excitement, most of the racers "redlighted" miserably! Down to the last two competitors, Mike Santi of Team R-Mode and Boboy Rabe from Fusion R, faced off for the championship round. Mike noticed that everyone redlighted, so he decided to wait for Boboy to depress the accelerator pedal before he did. Great strategy, as that was what led him to victory!

After the raffle, Redline Racing's Dennis Ong bought a round of drinks for all the visitors! As you can see from the photos, everyone had their fair share of racer's fuel!

A week's worth of work came to a close pretty quickly for us at DRP. All the planning, phone calls and travelling around collecting banners and raffle prizes was finally done. Judging from the numerous emails and forum entries, it seems that all who attended were satisfied and happy (especially Reggie Ramos!).

Special thanks go out to our sponsors. Without their GENEROUS donations, the party would not have been such a success.

team_party_report_15.jpg (17943 bytes)
Quick 8 Combatants: Mike Santi of R-Mode and
Boboy Rabe of Fusion R

ATI Racing, AutoPlus Sportszentrum, A+ Audio, FREMUFF RACING MUFFLERS, GASPEED AutoColorKraft, HOLODECK, Matonetics, NETWORX Auto Detailing, Nodalo's Mufflers and Headers, Outlast Batteries, Redline Racing, R-MODE, Racing Zone and Shell Velocity.

Thank you to ALL who attended. And to those who missed the party... well, there's always next time!

team_party_report_12.jpg (16482 bytes)
Reggie Ramos with one of his MANY prizes. Erick Nodalo graciously gave out the FREMUFF muffler... thanks Erick, for being cool about that :-)
team_party_report_11.jpg (14056 bytes)
Vincente Peña of A+ Audio and The Quickest Man in the Philippines (in drag racing!) with the lovely GRACE
PDRF Event Report 05/26/2001
Saturday, 26 May 2001 08:00

PDRF Event Report 05/26/2001
Pictures and Article by: The Clunky Driver

article_001.jpg (36176 bytes) The PDRF put on the BEST drag racing event to date. Despite looming clouds and a short shower, when the heavens opened up, the Philippines' Quickest field of participants soldiered on.

Guests from the AHRA (Angeles Hot Rodding Association), came all the way from Angeles City with their troop of Chevrolet 1/4 mile missles. Ken Kepner with his Chevy Camaro SS qualified for the Quick 8 running an 11.285. This sent shivers down the spines of ALL the top teams! Unfortunately for Ken, this was to be his best ET of the day, plus, his top spot wasn't to last for very long.

John Rizya, also with AHRA, ran in time trials in the mid to low 11 second range. Looking very strong indeed, his Camaro looked to be one of the top contenders of the day. Another unfortunate blow to the AHRA camp came when John's transmission decided to give way. He lost 3rd gear and was done for the day.

But, not all was not lost for the AHRA team. Rob Hyde with "Viper", another small block Chevy powered Camaro, ran time trials in the mid 12's. After a quick powow with his buddy John Rizya, they determinded that his carburator may be holding him back. John's retired car became the donor of another carburator. This swap enabled Viper to leap in to the LOW 12's. 12.00 to be exact! In the final round of the Pro Class brackets, Rob broke out, turning in an 11.94 sec. ET! But since his opponent, Jet Mathay or Matonetics, broke out by a larger margin, the victory went to Rob! The AHRA took home the top spot in the Pro Class category.

article_002.jpg (48122 bytes)
article_003.jpg (36049 bytes)

AutoPlus' Raymond Go proved once and for all, to all doubters, that HE is truly the QUICKEST man in the Philippines! Breaking his own ET record. His new mark now stands at 10.672 seconds! To drive the point home, he ran in the 10 second range all night long.

The surprise entry of AutoPlus was their Mitsubishi Eclipse. This all wheel drive wonder was shod with all kinds of high-tech hot rodding wizardry. Equipped with Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks at all four corners, one would think traction wasn't a problem. Well, this maybe so to a lesser engine setup, but as it turns out, the AutoPlus camp squeezed out over 500HP to the wheels of this beast!!! Spinning ALL FOUR SLICKS in first and second gear, Francisco Blanco, AutoPlus' tech guru, had his work cut out for himself. The car was a REAL BEAST! During time trials, Francisco did a "shake down" run on street tires. He spun all four wheels till half track and still crossed the traps at 11.408 seconds! This was to be his best run of the day as the Eclipse's clutch went south, ending any further chance of domination.

Mato Tan of Matonectics showed with a troop of turbocharged strip warriors! The slowest of which ran in the 12 second range! Included in this foray was a Nissan Skyline and a Honda Civic Type R.

article_004.jpg (40089 bytes) article_005.jpg (39994 bytes) article_006.jpg (35844 bytes)

Mato, who has been on the verge of joining Raymond Go in the 10 second club, struggled with the decision of running all out to try and run in the 10 second range or to hold back just a bit to ensure he can continue to compete for the rest of the event. He chose the latter. At one point, Mato did run in the 10 second zone with a 10.8 second run. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to back this up.

In the final round of Quick 8 eliminations, Mato faced off against Raymond Go. Lane choice went to the AutoPlus pilot, so Mato had to make do with the slicker left lane. In one of the best races ever, Mato gets the "hole shot". This was due to troubles of Raymond with his MSD Two-Step rev limiter. Somehow, it disengaged the "low" setting making it difficult to hold the proper launch rpm for the Silver Bullet. This made Raymond's launch off the line less than desireable, giving an early advantage to Mato. Shear brute HP and better traction in the right lane, gave the win to Raymond at the big end of the track! This was the quickest heads up race in Philippine drag racing history!

article_007.jpg (44930 bytes)
Raymond Go piloting AutoPlus' "Silver Bullet" to win the QUICK 8 Heads-Up Category

There were 71 participants that day. A good number of them running in the 13 to 17 second range. As a whole, drag racers are getting quicker and quicker each time out! Even better than this, their driving skills are also improving. Reaction times were markedly improved from last year! There were MANY close races in the lower street brackets. One notable racer, from Team Gaspeed, running a Toyota Corolla in the 17 second bracket, ran against much quicker cars. Time after time returning as the victor. He eventually became the Street Stock champ. This just proves that you DON'T need a fast car to win at a drag race. Just ask the more modified opponents of the "ATTORNEY".

All in all, it was a very long day of exciting drag racing. The best of best were present and ran head to head. And I don't only mean the 10 and 11 second strip warriors, but also those who competed in the lower brackets. Most races were close and exciting. The hordes of spectators really got their money's worth.


1. Raymond Go 10.672
2. Mato Tan 11.072
3. Ken Kepner 11.285
4. Francisco Blanco 11.408
5. Ojie Mamuric 11.456
6. Dondi Montecillo 11.792
7. Richard Go 11.981
8. Dominic Bon 12.081

The stakes have gone up! Everyone has now tasted what a true drag race is supposed to be like. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next. I'm pretty sure cars will be quicker and the drivers more poised at the line. This day was a tough act to follow. But, as the saying goes, "there's ALWAYS some quicker..." I wonder if they'll show up next event?

C U @ D Strip!!!

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