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Feature: "Team Extreme"
Photos taken at the recent PAD general assembly


Every so often, you'll come accross a "team" that you just can't get away from. Team Extreme is one of these teams.

Hounding the streets and srtip with a gamut of well prepared Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas, a Toyota RAV4 and more, these group of guys are as SOLID as they come.

Formed by Wey Martinez (black Civic w/ white wheels) and Doy Gutierrez (blue Civic) in May 8 2000, Team Extreme has grown to a membership of 50! If you prowl the streets in the wee hours of the morning in the Libis area or any of the other popular hunting grounds, you would probably meet up with some of them.

Avid drag racers, they have participated in PDRF and ProSpeed events, alike.

Unfortunately, DRP was unable to prod any of the members to divulge the modifications made to their cars for print (understandably, so).

If you ever line up against a car sporting a reflective "Team EXTREME" sticker atop the windshield, best beware! These guys are RACERS!

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