EVO IX - DRP Featured Car of the Month :: International (April 2011)
Thursday, 14 April 2011 23:50


The EVO 2006 EVO IX

Owner info & History :

Hi my name is Arnel but you can call me "Tsiong." I got my nickname from my friends back in the Philippines and it stuck ever since. Back in the 80's I was with the race group called "JLL Performance" and had a brief stint in street drag racing using my car a Mitsubishi Lancer 1979 model...whose shell I still keep to this day. As I have mentioned previously we participated in the first sanctioned drag races in Ortigas. Later on one of the shop clients a scion of a prominent family in Bacolod City eventually became one of our group members and sponsored the car by having it shipped by ferry to Bacolod City for an Annual Drag Race meet where the car grabbed the "Class N - Little Eliminator" title but then lost for the overall championship to another Lancer by a fender length. My friend/mechanic/driver still has the trophy though AND the full coverage in VHS format which I intend to make a DVD format copy of when I go back to the philipppines so that I may post and share here in DRP.

The EVO 2006 EVO IX I got now is plain factory stock. The only things I have added to it are an aftermarket K&N drop-in filter element and a Greddy Turbo Timer. It is a "daily driver" (as they call it here in the USA).

I did however have had to dish it out in some street battlesĀ  and all I got to say is that a stock EVO is STRONG because it was only then did I find out what it was capable of. The only thing I have put in it is a K&N drop-in filter and a turrbo timer. I prefer to keep it that way because the technicians at Mitsubishi will NOT touch your car if you have altered it. However this daily driver of mine is almost paid off and I do have plans to get me another EVO to mess with. I have other friends who have much better looking and powerful EVOs than mine but problem is we are all busy working that we hardly see each other except in meets such as the one I posted in your website.Yes, that is an excellent idea of yours about overseas pinoy car enthusiasts. In fact you just gave me an idea to gather fotos, videos for you when I get the chance to go to auto meets here.

The photos areĀ  exactly the same ones Mitsubishi had posted on their website for cars in their inventory.