ProSpeed Event Report 05/19/2001
Saturday, 19 May 2001 08:00

ProSpeed Event Report 05/19/2001
Pictures taken by: The Man in the Red Cap
Article by: The Burn-Out Fiend

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After attending the last few events, it was a refreshing sight to see 66 participants. The highest participation of any event this year!

The weather was HOT, aiding in the traction department. At least in the day time. People started funneling in after 2pm. Only a handful of us were eager enough to show up before 1pm. Emphasis on the eager.

Teams showed up in full force. Bagspeed, Team Bolt-On/Skunkworks, IDRC, ATI Racing, Tony Llames Racing, San Jacinto Racing, Gaspeed , Team JOMAG and MSF Autoworks just to name a few. (sorry for leaving out the others… bad memory, yah know)

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"Tech-Inspection", as its known in drag racing (NOT scruteneering), went on with little hassles. Still the most popular violation, missing battery clamps! Amazing in this day in age, considering that all cars come with battery clamps. So, for those who plan to attend events, please MAKE SURE you have yours installed properly. This will avoid delays in getting final approval to run your car. It's for your own safety and for the safety of others.

With 66 participants, most of whom were in the Pro Class C category, Eliminations went fairly slow, but quite smoothly. Last event's "traffic" problem in the burn-out area was partially solved, causing a smoother flow to the line.

Burn outs were plentiful! It was a nice thing to see. Could it be that Burny's smokey tire heating sessions had somewhat of an influence? Maybe not, but it was sure great to see all those smokey burn outs! Just the way it should be in drag racing.

Out of the Norm...

Time trials began promptly at 3pm. Everyone took turns "qualifying" for their respective Index classes. For those who are new to the ProSpeed way of drag racing, your best ET (elapsed time) determines your class or category. Since this ISN'T the usual way of running drag race events, this has caused some confusion with the more seasoned racers, and more so to the novice.

Each participant was given 3 chances to do their best ET. Another fact that eluded many, thus causing even more confusion as well as frustration. A prime example was Marvin Montecillo. He spent his 3 timed runs dialing in Redline Racing's Makinnen Evolution VI, working out some bugs. He later found out that he could no longer qualify for the Quick 8 and Pro Class A category, since all his runs were used up. Take note of this everyone. When time trials start, you ONLY have three (3) chances to qualify your car. (I made sure to clarify this since, once again, this isn't the USUAL way of running a drag race event. Normally, its up to the driver to determine which class or bracket he/she will run. Qualifying is usually done in "Heads-Up" racing, NOT Bracket Racing)

event_04.jpg (51613 bytes) San Jacinto Racing was present with their "Pro-Street" Celeste as was Tony Llames Racing with their "Yellow Jeepster", last event's best ET holder. Redline showed with a pair of Makinnen EVO VI's, to make things even more interesting.

Bagspeed had two of their Civics sidelined with damage due to missed shifts. Pistons smashed in to spark plugs, ending the day early for them.

Carlo Manuel of Team Strip Teasers battled furiously in his Toyota Cressida, to take top honors in the Pro Class D category. Eugene Santos (ECS), in the Pro Class C category, ran through the tough competition to finally emerge the victor.

See the event results for more details…

Quick ET honors went to Dondi Montecillo of Redline Racing, posting a 12.269 ET. Tuning problems kept his EVO VI from hitting the 11's. Morris Miranda, piloting Ernest Bato's Celeste (San Jacinto Racing) in to the high 12's only to be sidelined with oiling problems. Team Jomag's entry, along with Peng Diaz from Tony Llames Racing, were also casualties of mechanical problems.

It was a great night of racing. Lots of great rounds during eliminations kept the crowds of people riveted to the "win light" on the x-mas tree. ProSpeed really out did themselves, save for some out of the norm decisions. (see side bar) Drag racing is really beginning to come in to its own. Slowly but surely, racers are now learning to embrace competition on the strip. The element of danger may be considerably less than street racing, but if anything, its no less exciting! The participants are getting better off the line and reaction times are improving dramatically. This crop of "newbie" racers are now challenging more experienced ones, making for much more riveting events.

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Next ProSpeed Event: June 2nd at the Manila Harbour Centre

C U @ D Strip!!!