PDRF Event Report 05/26/2001
Saturday, 26 May 2001 08:00

PDRF Event Report 05/26/2001
Pictures and Article by: The Clunky Driver

article_001.jpg (36176 bytes) The PDRF put on the BEST drag racing event to date. Despite looming clouds and a short shower, when the heavens opened up, the Philippines' Quickest field of participants soldiered on.

Guests from the AHRA (Angeles Hot Rodding Association), came all the way from Angeles City with their troop of Chevrolet 1/4 mile missles. Ken Kepner with his Chevy Camaro SS qualified for the Quick 8 running an 11.285. This sent shivers down the spines of ALL the top teams! Unfortunately for Ken, this was to be his best ET of the day, plus, his top spot wasn't to last for very long.

John Rizya, also with AHRA, ran in time trials in the mid to low 11 second range. Looking very strong indeed, his Camaro looked to be one of the top contenders of the day. Another unfortunate blow to the AHRA camp came when John's transmission decided to give way. He lost 3rd gear and was done for the day.

But, not all was not lost for the AHRA team. Rob Hyde with "Viper", another small block Chevy powered Camaro, ran time trials in the mid 12's. After a quick powow with his buddy John Rizya, they determinded that his carburator may be holding him back. John's retired car became the donor of another carburator. This swap enabled Viper to leap in to the LOW 12's. 12.00 to be exact! In the final round of the Pro Class brackets, Rob broke out, turning in an 11.94 sec. ET! But since his opponent, Jet Mathay or Matonetics, broke out by a larger margin, the victory went to Rob! The AHRA took home the top spot in the Pro Class category.

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AutoPlus' Raymond Go proved once and for all, to all doubters, that HE is truly the QUICKEST man in the Philippines! Breaking his own ET record. His new mark now stands at 10.672 seconds! To drive the point home, he ran in the 10 second range all night long.

The surprise entry of AutoPlus was their Mitsubishi Eclipse. This all wheel drive wonder was shod with all kinds of high-tech hot rodding wizardry. Equipped with Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks at all four corners, one would think traction wasn't a problem. Well, this maybe so to a lesser engine setup, but as it turns out, the AutoPlus camp squeezed out over 500HP to the wheels of this beast!!! Spinning ALL FOUR SLICKS in first and second gear, Francisco Blanco, AutoPlus' tech guru, had his work cut out for himself. The car was a REAL BEAST! During time trials, Francisco did a "shake down" run on street tires. He spun all four wheels till half track and still crossed the traps at 11.408 seconds! This was to be his best run of the day as the Eclipse's clutch went south, ending any further chance of domination.

Mato Tan of Matonectics showed with a troop of turbocharged strip warriors! The slowest of which ran in the 12 second range! Included in this foray was a Nissan Skyline and a Honda Civic Type R.

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Mato, who has been on the verge of joining Raymond Go in the 10 second club, struggled with the decision of running all out to try and run in the 10 second range or to hold back just a bit to ensure he can continue to compete for the rest of the event. He chose the latter. At one point, Mato did run in the 10 second zone with a 10.8 second run. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to back this up.

In the final round of Quick 8 eliminations, Mato faced off against Raymond Go. Lane choice went to the AutoPlus pilot, so Mato had to make do with the slicker left lane. In one of the best races ever, Mato gets the "hole shot". This was due to troubles of Raymond with his MSD Two-Step rev limiter. Somehow, it disengaged the "low" setting making it difficult to hold the proper launch rpm for the Silver Bullet. This made Raymond's launch off the line less than desireable, giving an early advantage to Mato. Shear brute HP and better traction in the right lane, gave the win to Raymond at the big end of the track! This was the quickest heads up race in Philippine drag racing history!

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Raymond Go piloting AutoPlus' "Silver Bullet" to win the QUICK 8 Heads-Up Category

There were 71 participants that day. A good number of them running in the 13 to 17 second range. As a whole, drag racers are getting quicker and quicker each time out! Even better than this, their driving skills are also improving. Reaction times were markedly improved from last year! There were MANY close races in the lower street brackets. One notable racer, from Team Gaspeed, running a Toyota Corolla in the 17 second bracket, ran against much quicker cars. Time after time returning as the victor. He eventually became the Street Stock champ. This just proves that you DON'T need a fast car to win at a drag race. Just ask the more modified opponents of the "ATTORNEY".

All in all, it was a very long day of exciting drag racing. The best of best were present and ran head to head. And I don't only mean the 10 and 11 second strip warriors, but also those who competed in the lower brackets. Most races were close and exciting. The hordes of spectators really got their money's worth.


1. Raymond Go 10.672
2. Mato Tan 11.072
3. Ken Kepner 11.285
4. Francisco Blanco 11.408
5. Ojie Mamuric 11.456
6. Dondi Montecillo 11.792
7. Richard Go 11.981
8. Dominic Bon 12.081

The stakes have gone up! Everyone has now tasted what a true drag race is supposed to be like. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next. I'm pretty sure cars will be quicker and the drivers more poised at the line. This day was a tough act to follow. But, as the saying goes, "there's ALWAYS some quicker..." I wonder if they'll show up next event?

C U @ D Strip!!!