DRP TEAM PARTY!!! 06/01/2001 by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)
Friday, 01 June 2001 08:00

by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)


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What started as a request from our Burn-Out Forum, ended up being a GREAT BIG BASH! 250+ DRP viewers filled the HOLODECK (and over flowed out in to the parking lot!).

To say that we were overwhelmed by the attendance would be such an understatement. With a skeleton crew made of a couple of friends and my wife, every minute of our time was dedicated to our gracious visitors.

Up front, my wife (Mai Mai) and friend (VT Roman) greeted our visitors. They also sold over 150 raffle tickets! The tickets were accompanied with the NEW DRP sticker as well as stickers from Outlast Batteries and Nodalo's Mufflers and Headers. Team after team streamed through the doors of the HOLODECK. And when things got crowded, people would hang out in the parking lot for an "Impromptu" Car Show!

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Stickers, stickers and more stickers...
Three pool tables were reserved for play, by MATONETICS. Guests got to play for FREE! But since there were so many people, others had to play on the remaining tables on their own tab.

The 20 networked computers were equally filled. Teams played network games with each other. I guess this was their chance to "virtually" blow each other to bits (elsewhere other  than the Burn-Out Forum)!

One of the main attractions was the DRP Reaction Time Game. Utilizing a Race America Drag Race timing system and custom made (by the "Man in the Red Cap") accelerator pedals, Teams ran head to head in reaction time competition! Even people who don't drive taught some seasoned racers a thing or two about reaction times! Some of the avid players were from DOOM, Wheels Auto Performance, Team R-Spec and Team R-Mode.

As everyone was enjoying themselves, meeting people from other teams or playing the games available to them, the extremely delectable GRACE from REMY MARTIN served the visitors with 5 bottles of REMY SILVER...by the SHOT! Needless to say, NO ONE turned her down. I would be remise if I failed to report that our intrepid photographer didn't get more than side tracked from his duties by the allure of GRACE. He even volunteered to carry the serving tray for her! But his efforts didn't go un-noticed as he got the cellphone number of GRACE!!! (way to go JUDE!!!)

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Nodalos's Stainless Steel mufflers
The highlight of the night had to be the DRP HORSEPOWER RAFFLE. With over 60,000Php worth of raffle prizes! Due to last minute ticket sales, the raffle started 5 past 12am. One by one tickets were pulled from a fish bowl and the winner of the prize was announced.

The biggest surprise of the night was the Multi-Prize winner, Reggie Ramos, from Team R-Spec. He won most of the coveted prizes. From the Fremuff muffler with a removable baffle to the Shell Velocity Duffel bag, Reggie's tickets just kept on getting picked! I even mixed the fish bowl of tickets several times just to make sure. But, time after time, his tickets kept on finding their way out of the bowl.

One of the rules of the raffle was that you had to be present to claim your prize, other wise, it would be forfeited and another ticket would be drawn. Those few from Team Extreme and Wheels Auto Performance, who left early (hmmm, was there a race somewhere?), you guys let go of some really cool prizes!

All of the raffle winners bought multiple tickets. The lesson here: Next time, BUY LOTS OF THEM! Just ask Reggie... it DOES work! (he bought 20 raffle tickets)

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Shell Velocity Prizes

The grand prize of the night was a gift certificate from ATI Racing for its Pro Series Head Work service, worth a whopping 17,000Php. To make things a bit more interesting, we decided to pick 8 tickets from the bowl and then had the lucky souls compete for the prize in a QUICK 8 Reaction Time Elimination round!!! And, YES, Reggie Ramos was one of those picked for this game.

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An Outlast Battery... Fremuff upgraded its pledge with a racing muffler with a removable baffle. The ever so yummy, GRACE, posing with Erick Nodalo.
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And another premium prize in hand... Redline Racing's Dennis Ong handed over the prize from Outlast Batteries
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The ATTORNEY posing with his raffle prize from Shell Velocity
Two by two, the combatants faced each other at the "tree", in a "challenge the winner" elimination. In their excitement, most of the racers "redlighted" miserably! Down to the last two competitors, Mike Santi of Team R-Mode and Boboy Rabe from Fusion R, faced off for the championship round. Mike noticed that everyone redlighted, so he decided to wait for Boboy to depress the accelerator pedal before he did. Great strategy, as that was what led him to victory!

After the raffle, Redline Racing's Dennis Ong bought a round of drinks for all the visitors! As you can see from the photos, everyone had their fair share of racer's fuel!

A week's worth of work came to a close pretty quickly for us at DRP. All the planning, phone calls and travelling around collecting banners and raffle prizes was finally done. Judging from the numerous emails and forum entries, it seems that all who attended were satisfied and happy (especially Reggie Ramos!).

Special thanks go out to our sponsors. Without their GENEROUS donations, the party would not have been such a success.

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Quick 8 Combatants: Mike Santi of R-Mode and
Boboy Rabe of Fusion R

ATI Racing, AutoPlus Sportszentrum, A+ Audio, FREMUFF RACING MUFFLERS, GASPEED AutoColorKraft, HOLODECK, Matonetics, NETWORX Auto Detailing, Nodalo's Mufflers and Headers, Outlast Batteries, Redline Racing, R-MODE, Racing Zone and Shell Velocity.

Thank you to ALL who attended. And to those who missed the party... well, there's always next time!

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Reggie Ramos with one of his MANY prizes. Erick Nodalo graciously gave out the FREMUFF muffler... thanks Erick, for being cool about that :-)
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Vincente Peña of A+ Audio and The Quickest Man in the Philippines (in drag racing!) with the lovely GRACE