ProSpeed Event 06/02/2001 by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)
Saturday, 02 June 2001 08:00

ProSpeed Event
by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)

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Boboy Rabe from Fusion R... Hmm, no hang-over for the night before?

ProSpeed is known for having one of the best shows in drag racing. Loud music, lots of sponsors and lots of racing action. June 2nd wasn't one of those days.

24 participants showed for the event. Unfortunately, 3 of them were sidelined during time trials. ATI Racing's Red Honda Civic EG swallowed a nut that held its ram air intake in place, ending its day. Too bad, too. Dominique from QC Tires had tuned the car well enough that it ran 14.7 just prior to its engine's departure.

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ProSpeed hard at work
Bagspeeed also entered a Honda Civic EG (yellow). Its clutch went south during a practice run. The other retirement, an older Mitsubishi Lancer with a 4G63T blew its turbo oil seals, began spewing clouds of white smoke down the track during a time trial run.
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Small crowd, but definitely dedicated

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Team Extreme in the House!

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One of our site viewers!

There was some excitement later on, after eliminations. Two celebrity drivers showed up to drive in the Shoot-Out Classes. Dominic Ochoa and Ace Vergel. Dominic drove ATI Racing Mitsubishi Lancer while Ace piloted his lightly hopped-up Honda S2000. Both celebrities were kind of like "fish out of water". Definitely out of their element, both drivers had troubles with the rigors of drag racing. I guess power shifting and getting good reaction times looks simpler than it really is!

Despite their set backs, they did bring a thrill to some of the ladies present. Even the Shell Racing girls got their kicks meeting the two "showbiz" drivers. Hopefully they will show up again and give drag racing another try.

June 2nd turned out to be one of the lighter days for ProSpeed. But celebrity racers and good old fashioned bracket racing kept things going. And yes, the music was still loud.


1st Mark Thomann Bagspeed 14.080
2nd Dennis Go M.S.F. Autoworks


Dennis Go M.S.F. Autoworks 16.586
Mark Thomann
John Chua M.S.F. Autoworks 16.101
Arnold Cortez ATI Racing
Jimmy Jimenez TACH Racing Team 16.454
Eric Gotamco M.S.F. Autoworks

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Carlo Manuel showing off our gift

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This is what happens when a nut falls in to a ram air scoop!