AHRA Event
Sunday, 03 June 2001 08:00

AHRA Event
by: Chuck Montecillo (Clunky Driver)

ahra_event_002.jpg (14334 bytes) Ah, the sound of V8's in the air again! Omni Aviation is one of the few places in the Philippines where you will hear the roar of American Muscle cars as they travel at full bore on the tarmac.

Unseasonably, the rains seem to have arrived a tad early this year. The AHRA, accustomed to starting their events early, had to wait for racers till late in the afternoon to arrive. This allowed the clouds that loomed in the distance to come closer and release their cargo right over the track!

It rained close to an hour, but it did go away and allowed us racers to continue with the festivities.

The first order of the day was to  dry the track surface. This was accomplished by asking people to drive on the track, going round and round, in an effort to move the remaining moisture off the track surface.

This became a great chance for those who haven't been on the track to see what the drag racers see when going down the 1320. As for the more seasoned veterans, this was a kind of practice session to work out some setup bugs.

ahra_event_003.jpg (14396 bytes)
ahra_event_001.jpg (16628 bytes)
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The pretty ladies of the AHRA, as they hide from the rain...

Another pretty lady... a future drag racer from Team Skunkworks!

Only a few racers showed. 21 to be exact (yours truly included). Maybe the fact that this was the last race of the season before classes start had something to do with that. Nevertheless, the AHRA soldiered on and put on a great event. Lots and lots of close races in the Sportsman brackets. Both old and new cars battled down the 1320.

Speaking of close races, I was pitted against a 15 second Honda Civic SiR. I was driving an SUV running in the mid 18's. Not having lane choice, I was forced to run in the left lane, where redlights were common. To make sure that I don't cat that dreaded colored bulb, I decided to leave a bit later, hoping that my opponent wasn't as deft at the tree. Well so much for wishful thinking. In one of the closest races I've been in, the red Civic blurred past me just a few feet from the finish line. After checking the time slip, I lost by .01 of a second!!! The exact difference in our reaction times!!!ARGGHHH!!! Me DONE.

ahra_event_006.jpg (17137 bytes) ahra_event_007.jpg (16779 bytes) ahra_event_008.jpg (17685 bytes)

Elimination's started at around 6:30pm. Since the track wasn't dry enough for the Pro Class cars, the Sportsman Class ran ahead. Despite some timing system bugs (a loose connector) that required several re-runs, the event ended at 9:00pm. A testament to the efficiency of the AHRA.

Some announcements were given  during the driver's meeting. One of which that the extension of the Omni track was going to push through, with the generous donations of some very wealthy Norwegians. The proposed completion is October. If this does materialize, Omni will be the FIRST true, honest to goodness DRAG STRIP in the Philippines!

Other announcements were given to dispel some rumors about the length of the track surface. For those who are still in disbelief, the AHRA measured the track and verified that it is TRULY 1320 feet long.

ahra_event_009.jpg (13472 bytes)

A REAL burn-out by a thoroughbred!

All in all, despite several set backs, the AHRA proved once more that they do know what they are doing when it comes to putting on a good show. Can't wait to see the NEW Omni track in October!

C U @ D Strip!!!