PhilSwiss Event :: Cope Thunder Raceway, Angeles
Sunday, 28 January 2001 08:00
PhilSwiss Event
Cope Thunder Raceway, Angeles

The DRP crew drove an hour and a half to get to the Cope Thunder Raceway in Angeles. The organizers, PhilSwiss had invited us to witness the kind of music show they put on... roaring engine music, that is...

And we weren't disappointed. As we entered the gates, we were greeted with the sight of V-8 muscle cars as well as familiar 4 cylinder Rice burners.

The air was filled with the fumes of race gas and the roar of V-8 engines run uncorked! Ah, heavenly music indeed.

Due to the long drive from Manila, only a few participants signed up to do battle down the 1320 feet of smooth asphalt. 17 participants to be exact.

Time trials were run while waiting for more racers. It was during this time that we saw the quickest run of the day from John Rizya driving "Thunder", a 69 Camaro. His time was 11.58@123Mph! John had been struggling with suspension problems all day, but was able to keep it straight long enough to post the fastest and quickest time of the day.

There was also a very quick Jeepster that ran in the low 13's with a best ET of 13.00 seconds flat! Not bad at all.

The Japanese powered warriors battled the mighty American muscle cars pretty well. Well enough in fact that one by one, each of the V-8 powered machines got elliminated. Except for one, Ken Kepner's 69 Camaro. Hondas and Toyotas ran for all they were worth and emerged the victor almost every time.

It was very nice to see that Filipinos have learned to run against the tree very well. This proves that the system of bracket racing does work! We saw a lot of great hole shots from the "Pinoy" drag racers!

Then, when all was said and done, fun runs were allowed after the race. Darkness had covered the once sunny venue, and the racers sat back to down some beer and steak.

All in all, the event at Cope Thunder was really fun. It brought back memories of being in the US, hearing all those thundering engines and didn't lack the fierce competition on the black top despite the small number of racers.

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