PDRF, Inc. Event
Saturday, 24 February 2001 08:00
PDRF, Inc. Event
Manila Harbour Centre
Records were meant to be broken. The PDRF event at the Manila Harbour Centre this last Saturday was probably the fastest drag race event in its history.

To make things a bit interesting, there was a head wind, more prominent than usual. But, this was not to deter the combatants of this events from showing off their mettle.

First, there was the Silver Bullet of AutoPlus, running time trials DEEP in the 11 second range. All this, without the help of "laughing gas"!

Then there was Matonetics, whose "Just Two" Civic hatchback was running in the low 11's as well.

Redline Racing showed with the familiar Lancer EVO IV, piloted by Dondi Montecillo and their ALL MOTOR terror, a black EG driven by Marvin Montecillo. They also brought down a red Civic Hatchback, powered by a turbocharged B18C, which unfortunately ran in to engine problems. The EVO IV also met with an untimely engine failure, ending its day early, during time trials.

JAC Racing's Vic Cruz was also present with his "old school" Toyota Starlet.

P.A.D. represented sporting a "new" sticker design!

The event started later than usual, due to the late arrival of the participants. As a matter of fact, DRP arrived quite late also, due to the "Clunky Junker" (but that's another story).

Tuned by Matonetics, a Nissan Skyline was present to delight the crowd. It's Motec fuel injection system was still being tuned by master HP guru, Mato Tan. Despite that, and the fact it was still running 14.7psi (1 bar) boost, the all-wheel drive Skyline still managed a 12.4 sec. ET.

In the Final round of the Quick 8, Mato Tan of Matonetics squared off to Raymond Go of AutoPlus. Go had lane choice and positioned his Civic in the right lane, due to its better bite characteristics (when compared to the left lane). With both cars staged, the lights came on and they were off! Launching with such ferocity, like no front wheel drive car has a right to do, AutoPlus quickly got the advantage. Alas, a redlight on the right lane, meant that the Mato had the win. His SECOND Quick 8 title, in a row!

Prior to the Shoot-Out's, AutoPlus decided to try for the record during the time trials. I remember walking towards the PDRF tent when as the Silver Bullet lauched from the line. Going through the gears like a true PRO, Raymond Go looked like a man on a mission. As he crossed the line, all eyes went to the printer. The time was announced, "10.86 sec.@135mph!!!" The AutoPlus crew jumped up for joy, high-five'n and hollering in celebration.

Their day wasn't over yet. AutoPlus still had to back up their run. According to PDRF rules,  Raymond would have to make another run that would at least beat the existing record of 11.057 sec.

Back at the line, the Silver Bullet didn't even do a burnout (probably due to the better bite of the taller tires). Lined up agaisnt their own team mate, Vincent Peña (in an EVO V), Raymond was poised to go. Another great looking run... "10.86 sec.!!!" Dondi and Mato's eyes shut while their heads turned south upon hearing the news. The record now belongs to Raymond... The Fastest Car in the Philippines! (fastest Honda, too)

Record breaking performance continued in to the ALL HONDA Shoot-Out. Marvin Montecillo of Redline Racing ran a 12.78sec pass, surpassing his previous record of 12.817 seconds. Unfortunately for Marvin, he was unable to back up his record setting run. Making two passes more at 12.82 and 12.83 seconds, his old record stood.

All in all, Feb.24 was a truly historic event. Low 11 second passes from Honda Civics, all motor performance in the 12 second range and the Philippine's FIRST 10 second run all happened on the same day! As the President of the PDRF (Nonoy Jarlego) said "Only at the PDRF..." So far, he's right!

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