The Quickest Car and Driver in the Philippines
Saturday, 20 January 2001 08:00
The Quickest Car and Driver in the Philippines
by: Chuck Montecillo

What makes a National record, a National Record? Well, in today's rule structure, you need to be entered in a PMA sanctioned event. If you run a record setting ET (elapsed time), unless the event is run by an organizer that is recognized by the PMA, guess what? You're outta luck.

Such is the story of Ken Kepner. Ken is currently a member of AHRA, the Angeles Hot Rodding Association. He drives a '69 Chevy Camaro SS, powered by a 377ci, nitrous injected engine. Sometime in the year 2000, he ran an 11.04 in the quarter mile... twice! But, because AHRA isn't endorsed by the PMA, the national sanctioning body of motorsports in the Philippines, Ken's runs were not considered a National record.

The holder of the National record of the Quickest Car in the country is Dondi Montecillo, my brother. He did this driving Redline Racing's Lancer Evolution IV. He ran 11.057 seconds in the 1320. This record has stood as the time to beat since March 28, 1999.

Teams all over the Philippines have tried but have not been able to beat that time. The closest was Mato Tan of Matonetics who posted an 11.075! Talk about close! But what about Ken Kepner? Didn't he run an 11.04?

Exactly! What about Ken? His run was recorded by an electronic timing system, his car passed the safety inspections of the organizer and was posted during eliminations. But why isn't it a National record? Because the event happened to be run by a NON-PMA sanctioned organizer.

AHRA has been taking the steps neccessary to get sanctioned by the PMA. As of this writing, the paper work is already being submitted.

So, what is the purpose of this? Simple. Our job is to report the happenings in Drag Racing in the Philippines... regardless of sanctioning. We would like to give credit, where credit is due. would just like to acknowledge that the Quickest car in the Philippines, today, is a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS and that the quickest driver in the Philippines IS Ken Kepner.

See, in our books, to be a record holder, all you need is to be entered in an official event, make the run during qualifying or eliminations, timed by an electronic timing system and be able to back up the run within 1%. That's it! I'm not saying that Dondi's record has been broken. That still stands. According to the PMA and the PDRF, he is the Quickest in the country, officially.

The question now is, WHO WILL BE THE NEXT record holder? You can be sure that will be there to report it to you.