Congratulations to Mato Tan of Matonetics!!!
Saturday, 13 January 2001 08:00

Congratulations to Mato Tan of Matonetics!!!

Event News: PDRF Event 01/13/2001

Mato took the top honors of the Quick8 Category at the recently rained out PDRF Drags at the Manila Harbor Center. After battling it out against Marvin Montecillo (all motor Civic hatchback) and Brian Gonzales (Makinnen Edition EVO VI) of Redline Racing, then Vicente Peña (Lancer EVO V) of AutoPlus, Mato's turbocharged Civic Hatchback prevailed the victor.

Beginning the year on the right foot, the PDRF was set and ready to go by 10am! Very unlike past events that this organizer ran, things were all set BEFORE the participants even arrived. Probably tainted by past events, the participants didn't begin to arrive till about 12pm! As a matter of fact, only Dondi Montecillo and the Redline Racing crew and the team of Reggie Garcia (GASPEED) were present along with the PDRF (early).

The event began at about 1pm, with time trials. This year, the PDRF participants get 7 time trial runs, as opposed to the 3 runs they got last year. More practice for everyone! A much better value for the money, to boot.

The field was pretty thin for this first event. Partially due late announcements on the PDRF website. The 2001 schedule hasn't even been finalized (hence, no posted schedules, even on DRP). With any luck, we'll get a hold of this soon.

Time trials moved on pretty smoothly except for minor interuptions when the timing system of the PMA (Philippine Motoring Association) ran in to some problems. From the driver's point of view, this was kind of frustrating. Brian Gonzales of Redline Racing commented that two of his runs on the left lane didn't register times. To his dismay, these happened to be his better runs of the day. Kathy de Guzman of the PDRF, was quick to point out that these problems didn't arise from the PDRF, as the timing system that they use is leased from the PMA, and is their responsibility. Any complaints should be routed to them (PMA). Looks like the PMA should look in to more maintenance on their aging timing equipment.

One unfortunate incident did happen, though. Roger "Gigo" Niduaza of Gaspeed ran over some broken glass ON THE TRACK(!), thus puncturing his practically new McReary Slicks! Fortunately, Gigo was able to keep his All Motor Ek Sedan under control with his tire deflating during his run. Looks like a MORE thorough survey of the track MUST be done by the PDRF prior to running the event.

Right after time trials, the Quick8 category was run. Just as Mato claimed his crown, on his last run against Vicente Peña, the clouds opened up, with a vengance! Thus, ending the year's first PDRF event.

For those who have been to the Manila Harbor Center know this place's AROMATIC scent. As usual, this fragrance loomed throughout the day, but worsened to the point of being unbearable when the rains came. It was horrible!

A notable improvement to this event was the presence of a PORTA-LET! Ladies, fret no longer. You now have a place to powder you nose in private, other than the  restroom at Jolibee.

The Philippine Association of Dragracers had a tent in place to accept new members as well as to receive payments from those who haven't paid their yearly dues. Unfortunately, not enough members signed-up, so the PAD membership was unable to avail of the entry fee discount being given by the PDRF. So, next event, PLEASE signup early with PAD. Remember, this will benefit all of you as PAD will be giving CASH Prizes to those who win in their respective classes.

All in all, the year's first PDRF Drag race event was a wonderful surprise. They were setup early, the runs went smoothly, but was unfortunately rained out. But, if things continue to be like this, participants will be more likely to show up for the races, knowing they will be home early enough to get cleaned up to a night on the town. Kudos to the PDRF for a job well done!



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Hello there, anyone knows contact no. for Mr. Mato Tan of Matonetics kindly send me a reply as i need some parts for my CRX. Thank you