Event Report: ProSpeed 03-31-2001
Saturday, 31 March 2001 08:00

Event Report:


Manila Harbour Center

reported by: Chuck Montecillo

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March 31st was another great day for drag racing at the Manila Harbour Centre. The morning was dedicated to running the continuation of the cancelled event from Mar. 3rd. Most of the winners, as it happens, were from Pampangga! It seems that the out of towners gave the "locals" a little taste of "Northern Style" drag racing.

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In the afternoon, the second event of the year for ProSpeed commensed around 4pm. The organizers tried to delay the start of the event, in the hope that more participants would show. Unfortunately, only 20 official entries were present.

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Time trials ran smoothly. Well, for most participants, least. Team Bolt-On's silver Civic EG broke an upper engine mount. Most teams would've packed up and gone home if this happened to them. But not Bolt-On. Some how, they were able to get the damge repaired at local welding shop and continued to run the car during elliminations. Talk about determination!

The Redline Racing Civic EG was sidelined during the morning race, when their number two spark plug decided it was time to meet its counterpart piston! SMACK!!! End of story. Though, Marvin Montecillo was designated to drive a Mitsubishi Lancer, owned by one of the team's customers. This car was also suffering from the case of bad racing luck since its engine was unable to reach its true redline (ironically). Marvin drove his heart out, right in to the semi finals, where he was summarily dispatched by one of the GoodWrench Racing drivers.

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There were many attractions at this event. One of the most 'tasty" were the Velocity Girls from Shell. They gave out Velocity stickers to all the racers as they entered the burnout area. Check out our upcoming Photo Gallery for more details!
Complimentary magazines were also handed out to the participants and spectators. Probably part of a sponsorship deal with ProSpeed, Emerald Headway Distributors, Inc. was offering a 20% discount, plus 5 complimentary magazines if you subscribed to any of the numerous titles that they handle. For more information, head to www.emeraldheadway.com.ph

Of course, there are the sporting t-shirts from Shell Racing, given to all participants of the event.

All in all, the event went on with out much drama. For some reason, though, there was some delay between time trials and elliminations. I did not expect this considering there were only 20 participants and no second chance rounds.   Hopefully, future events can be run a bit more quickly, especially during times when there are hardly any competitors running. For 20 cars, the event should have lasted no more than 2 hours. At least the day was trouble free.

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Next ProSpeed event is on April 28, 2001. See you there!