DRP Burn-Out Contest FnF Trans-Party Fort Stop Over Complex 09/28/2001 by: Dr. Clunky
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DRP Burn-Out Contest
FnF Trans-Party
Fort Stop Over Complex

by: Dr. Clunky

To add some spice to an otherwise dismal affair, DRP put on the Philippnes' FIRST Burn-Out Contest.

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The rules of this type of competition is simple. The crowd acts as the judge. The car and driver that does the smokiest or longest burn-out wins! The use of water, oil, tranny fluid or bleach is allowed. Practically anything that can win over the crowd's approval, as long as it doesn't endanger anyone, can be used. Each driver gets three tries.

Burn-out contests are very entertaining and usually draws a crowd. Organized in literally a few minutes, DRP was able to convince a few brave souls to put on a great show for the remaining Trans-Party goers.

The field was varied. Honda Civics, a Toyota Corolla and Corona and a Ford SVT Lightning shaved thousands of kilometers off their tires.

Nodalo's Mufflers and Headers provided great prizes for the competitors. The winner was to take home a set of Nodalo's Headers, a Stainless Steel muffler and a Tenzo Air Filter!

Redline Racing's SVT Lightning was a crowd favorite. Most people remember the burn-outs this vehicle has done in past events. But, after the first competitor started his burn-out, everyone knew that this was to be a different ball game! Marvin Suzara, driving Xavier Uy's Toyota Corona, did an imitation of a fog machine! The clouds of smoke were so thick that, not only did the car disappear, but even the crowd! I could feel the jaws of the Redline Racing crew drop.

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Christopher Castro made a semi-smokey, but long legged tire heating session. He must have laid about 60 feet worth of tire marks! Ranier Garcia did the same thing with his TRD fortified Corolla, but with much more smoke.

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Even newbies were welcome to give it a go. Hiro Kotake of Team Ground Zero, took his Civic SiR through the motions. Alas, his inexperience got the best of him, but kudos for trying! Maybe next time..

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It seemed the Honda Civic had a tough time keeping their cars still. Could this mean Civics hook better off the line? Could be, in my opinion.

The Lightning used lots of water to "lubricate" its tires. In only a couple of seconds, clouds of tire smoke literally were puring out of its fenders! Molten rubber even landed on the Man with the Red Cap! This burn-out was so awesome it actually left an "impression" on the pavement! Then, just to cap off its performance, Marvin Montecillo went on to leave two huge black stripes, about 75 feet in length!

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Gee, now things were getting exciting. Who won? It seemed we had a tie between the Lightning and the Corona.

A tie-breaker round was in order. The Redline Lightning was up first. More of the same drama occured. Marvin (Montecillo) held his foot down a bit longer than before, then scourched the pavement once more. There was so much rubber from this burn-out, that I was able to scoop up a handful and make a 2" rubber ball!!! Truly a tough act to beat.

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Well, Marvin (Suzara) and his crew had something up their sleeve. As he drove the Corona to the line, they pointed out something on the tires. It was oil! Then, with the boom box blasting, Marvin let out the clutch. The smoke that ensued was so thick, I think PAGASA may get a false storm warning on their monitors around the FORT Bonifacio area!!! I mean, even the nearby Jolibee disappeared in to the smoke. And when it was all over, he left a pile of shreaded rubber, smoking rubber! (yes, it was still smoking!)

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The crowd cheered and hollered. We had ourselves a winner. Marvin Suzara, driving Xavier Uy's Toyota Corona takes home the prize! Congratulations to you, both!

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Who will be the next DRP Burn-Out Champ? Well, let's find out at the next burn-out contest. Coming to an event near you...

Many thanks to all the competitors and spectators as well as to Nodalo's Mufflers and Headers. Without any of you, DRP wouldn't have been able to pull off such an entertaining show



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