PDRF Event Report 10/27/2001 by: Dr. Clunky
Saturday, 27 October 2001 08:00

PDRF Event Report

by: Dr. Clunky

Team Auto Plus, set another record that will probably be left unchallenged for quite sometime. Manuel Go's Lancer Evolution V, driven by the country's quickest driver, Raymond Go, ran a blistering 10.971 secs. at 125.69 MPH!!! This is THE QUICKEST Street Car in the Philippines! Yes, you read that correctly, its a STREET CAR. Manuel, one of the partners at Auto Plus, drives this car daily. It sports a sound system, A/C and all the creature comforts of a street car. Running in the high ten's TWICE that day, truly proves the awesome power this car has on tap. Its not a light weight car by any means. Probably the cause of a clutch failure later that day. With 477HP to the wheels and 400 lbs./ft of torque, even the Exedy twin plate clutch had trouble with the demands that were put on to it to propel the car! Despite having left the MHC behind a tow truck, Team Auto Plus were secure in the fact that they have accomplished what they set out to do that day... Mission accomplished!

On the flip side, Mr. Vicente Pena, also from Team Auto Plus, didn't have such a good day. His "Kansai Warrior" was suffering from a slipping clutch (After over 500 Launches over the year!!!) Even without having to line up against his team mate, Raymond, was dispatched readily by Ojie Mamuric from Matonetics. Piloting his "Just Three" Honda Civic EG, powered by a B16A (yup, its still ONLY 1600cc's), Mamuric eliminated Pena quite easily to take the win in BOTH the Quick 8 and Pro Class bracket!

Old school cars were around! Normally, Honda Civics clutter the pit lanes. This time, just about an equal amount of front engine/rear drive cars of yesteryear were around. Over 50 cars in total attended this event. Most of which participated in the Street Stock Class, but a good amount of cars were in the Sportsman category! This meant lots of 13 second cars!!! Looks like cars and driver are truly beginning to develop.

Speaking of 13 second cars, Ace Vergel's Honda S2000 (the very same car mentioned numerous times in our Burn-Out Forum), took the win over Morris Miranda, driving a Honda Civic EG. Ace showed everyone that all the tuning in the world isn't enough to win races... It's the driving that truly counts! Ace's driving skills at the helm of his S2000 gleamed. Shifting quickly and consistently throughout that day, he earned his place as one of the class winners.

Race Results:
Quick 8 Ojie Mamuric
Pro Ojie Mamuric
Vicente Pena
Sportsman Ace Vergel
Morris Miranda
Hotstreet Sonny Torres
Anthony Abigania
Street Stock Artie Lopez
Byron Dimaculangan
All Honda Marvin Montecillo
All Mitsubishi Romy Santos
All Toyota Peng Diaz
All Motor Jerick Jarlego

Disappointingly, I did notice a couple of things that, by now, shouldn't have happened. The PDRF let too many SAFETY issues un-addressed.

First, and most disconcerting of all, were the crowds of people watching right at the staging area, by the start line with just "sack" material as a barrier!!! Cars doing their burn-outs rollin to this area, at speed, with their rear suspensions unloaded. This makes for very tail happy cars! Having spectators right next to the cars just unthinkable! Plus, having this many "Old School" cars around, its amazing that no one got "clipped" as these cars launched.

Another infraction I noticed was the lack of attention to fluids on the track. Some cars dropped fluids right at the start line. In the PDRF's own rules and regulations, this is grounds for disqualification! I called this to the attention of one of the PMA marshalls, but was summarily ignored, since the offending cars belonged to PDRF "affiliates". Not even an effort to sweep up the fluids! Cars running on slicks are not only susceptible to excessive spin at even the slightest amount of water, but this makes for a down right dangerous situation.

Considering that the PDRF has been around since 1992, I expected that they would have at least considered these two situations while running their event and corrected them right away. So far, they have been lucky. But, why wait until something bad happens? Changes need to be made. Hopefully, soon, before anyone gets hurt!

The day was full of close races and wonderfully loud and powerful cars! Drivers and cars are showing their development, as everyone seems to have gone quicker. October 27th will be a day that'll be remembered for quite sometime, despite the shortcomings of its event organizer and sanctioning body.

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