PDRF Event Report 07/14/2001 by: Dr. Clunky
Saturday, 14 July 2001 08:00

PDRF Event Report
by: Dr. Clunky

Friday night was really cloudy and had some intermittent showers. The night sky didn't have a single star glowing. Its reddish hue was signaling another cancelled drag race for the next day. Yet, the PDRF soldiered on. A confirmation text message sent to me, showed their confidence that all will be ok.

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Saturday morning came, and the skies still weren't clear. The clouds still looked like they were going to release their cargo at any moment. Yet, another text message from the PDRF said that the race was on!

Sure enough, once we got to the MHC, the clouds thinned out and the tarmac was dry. Cars were already running time trials and more were still registering to race.

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48 participants showed on this day. Not a bad turn out. I guess the three weeks of event-less Saturdays had motivated racers to show.

Several teams were well represented. SportsMaster R, Team Wunder Bugs, Group5, AutoPlus, Redline Racing, Strip Teasers, Good Guys, Protege Tech, JOMAG, Tony Llames Racing, San Jacinto Racing, GASPEED, Goodwrench Racing, Autoindustriya.com, just to name a few.

Old school cars were abundant! The JOMAG team showed with a '79 Lancer powered by a 4G63T! Sporting "cheater slicks" and traction bars, this car definitely was a blast from the past. Conservatively driven, it ran 15.2 (Looks like Burny has competition!).

Then there was the Wunder Bugs entry, a Volkswagen Beetle. Motivation comes from a 1900+cc engine with dual 50mm Webber carbs and a "stinger" exhaust. The car had been in storage for quite some time. Tuning needed to be done. Despite this, the little bug still ran in the low 13's, with a best of 13 flat for the day! With a bit more track time, I'm sure this car can do much better than that.

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In the "new school" front, Redline Racing's Marvin Montecillo (a.k.a. YABANG!), struggled to get the black Civic EG to break the 13's. This was the same record breaking car he drove, except it had a different engine this time. Run after run, it clocked in the 13.1 to 13.2 range. In a desperate move, Dondi Montecillo, Crew Chief at Redline (also the father of Marvin) decided to try street tires! The thinking behind it was that the slicks might have been "too much" frictional drag at the topend. Sure enough, street tires and all, the little EG ran a 12.785 @ 106.38mph!!! (note: this trapspeed is faster than the ALL MOTOR RECORD)

Unfortunately, that was to be the last run for the day. During elimination's, the EG had enough and broke a connecting rod right at the start line! YOU DONE!!!

Then there was Vicente Peña and his venerable Lancer EVO V. This car, I've seen run after run, event after event... and still keeps on going! Always in the 12 second range and STREET DRIVEN EVERYDAY! According to Vic, the car had a slipping clutch, which would explain its high 12 second passes. Never the less, cooling it between rounds not only allowed the car to continue running, but also ganered him a win! (results below).

Of course my event report wouldn't be complete without mentioning the SILVER BULLET. Raymond Go's Civic EG was the quickest of the day. Complaining about traction problems, the best the little car could do was an 11.7, enough to claim BEST ET of the day. Traction or did the MOTEC just miss its tuner, Francisco Blanco, who was still on vacation during the event?

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Quick 8- Raymond Go

Pro- Vicente Peña
HotStreet- Adel Ayroso
Street Stock- Edwin Estrella
All Blown- Vic Peña
All Motor- Arnel Laurora
All Mitsubisi- Vic Peña
All Honda- Ace Vergel
A quick note: Ace Vergel showed for the Shoot Out categories, running his now popular Honda S2000. With granny shifting and easy launches, Ace still managed to power the little convertible to a respectable 13.8 second ET, claiming the ALL Honda class.

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A day of racing is always good. This recent event was no different. Despite some timing system hiccups and delays due to a competitors blown engine, everything ran smoothly. Judging by the smaller crew the PDRF showed with, it seems that the racers are more comfortable with how things are done at the strip. Add to that all the final rounds were REALLY CLOSE races, the spectators are, too, getting used to the excitement that Bracket Racing has to offer.

C U @ D Strip!!!