ProSpeed Event Report 07/21/2001 by: Dr. Clunky
Saturday, 21 July 2001 08:00

ProSpeed Event Report
by: Dr. Clunky

Friday night was frought with heavy rains. The clouds loomed with a message of a soggy weekend. But, the forecast was for a dry weekend, so my hopes were up. When day break came, it was clear skies all the way to the MHC! Yes! Racing WILL commence.


A very large crowd was assembled due to's Motor Sports LIVE! Car Show. There was music blairing from big speakers, a live DJ spinning the wheels of steel and gorgeous ladies all about dancing to the music. It was a very festive atmoshpere, to say the least. But, as nice as the cars were at the car show, the REAL show was only about to begin... the Drag Race!


60 competitors signed up for the night's action. Mostly street driven cars, its was very clear that the racing was going to be tight. Several people commented to me that our REACTION TIME GAME has given many of the drivers a competitive edge. From what I saw, this had to be true, since only a handful of racers still didn't have a clue how to deal with the x-mas tree! So much for having an edge... Everyone seems to be getting the hang of the "full tree"!


The largest group was in the Pro D category. There were about 30 of us there. I entered in my brother's 2001 Honda Civic Vti, which fell in to this class. Practically all the races were close. This simply means that when the racers crossed the finish line, it wasn't clear to them who won until they were handed the time slip! I can attest to this, as I only had one clear victory, which was in the first round of eliminations. Certainly, this was more proof that drag racers were learning the tree!


We saw a lot of first time racers, too! Many of whom participated in DRP's own Test-n-Tune day. I guess after getting a taste of what its like on the strip, these newbie racers decided to give "strip racing" a try. This is definitely a good sign for our organizers.

Still proving to be the "best of show", ProSpeed had their sponsor's banners and flags waiving about in full force. Uniforms adorned all their crews and officials, as well as many of the drivers in the race. Personally, I don't like racing in someone else's colors other than the team I am representing, but it did look really good to see the event sponsor's name all around.


Competition was tough in ALL the categories. From the spectator's point of view, no one really knew who won until they see the "win light" on the x-mas tree! I would estimate over a thousand people came to watch ProSpeed's assault on the 1/4 mile strip! This made their job of controlling the crowds of people a bit tougher than usual, but they did a very good job at keeping everyone within safe proximity from the racing surface.


Below are the list of winners, all deserving a pat on the back for job well done. As bracket racing goes, this was a true example that the handicap system REALLY works!

Quick 8
1st Place Marvin Montecillo Redline Racing Honda Civic EG 13.820
2nd Place Michael dela Cruz Bolt-On Racing Honda Civic EG
Pro Class B
1st Place Marvin Montecillo Redline Racing Honda Civic EG 13.675
2nd Place Ernest Bato Sna Jacinto Racing Mitsubishi Celeste 13.070
Pro Class C
1st Place Voltaire Oller Toyota Corolla 16.033
2nd Place Alex Perez DMF Motorsports Honda Civic 15.231
Pro Class D
1st Place Artie Lopez Goodwrench Racing Toyota Corona 16.503
2nd Place Chuck Montecillo Redline Racing 2001 Civic Vti 16.876
All Turbo
1st Place Ryan Lee
2nd Place Vincent Lim
All Mitsubishi
1st Place Vincent Lim
2nd Place Eric Asuque
All Honda
1st Place Michael dela Cruz
2nd Place Madison Chan
All Motor
1st Place Joseph Querimit
2nd Place Eric Asuque

For those who missed this event, you can catch ProSpeed's next event on August 4th, also at the MHC.

C U @ D Strip!!!

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