ProSpeed Event Report 08/04/2001 by: Dr. Clunky
Saturday, 04 August 2001 08:00


ProSpeed Event Report
by: Dr. Clunky

Clouds in the horizon. 10am, a confident text message from one of the ProSpeed officers states that the event will push through. 10:30am... another text message... the event has been cancelled due to rain. 1pm, yet another text message... since there are 35 participants already signed up, the event WILL push on! Off to a shakey start, we pack up Burny and head out to the track.


Upon arrival at the MHC, we notice a taxi doing a burnout as well as the hoards of cars and people already at the event. By the time I signed up Burny's entry, 58 cars were already signed in! And there were still cars coming in!

There were lots of new faces as well as racers that only raced with the "other" organizer. Race teams were all about. Team Extreme, Bagspeed, Sportmaster, Team Groundzero, MSF Autosports, Team R-Mode, Team Gainspeed, Stripteasers, ATI Racing, Redline Racing, Tony Llames Racing... just to name a few!

Burny's Special Talent

Aparently, the PMA timing system has been acting up. No wonder that no one was running time trials even by 5pm. To pass the time, some of the racers decided to make some practice passes as well as some burnouts (Burny, included). It resembled Saturday nights at.... well, you know where.

By about 6:30pm, the timing system was back up and we started running practice runs. The staging lanes were FULL! It was really nice to see the racers lining up and following the traffic rules in the pits and staging area. This really helped the marshalls in their chores. Then, the timing system decided to go south once more. This time, the delay was pretty drawn out.


Strangely enough, no one seemed to mind. All the lights at the MHC were lit, so it was like a true cruising spot. Teams banded together, and the race cars were all lined up.

It was nice walking through the pits. Much better than any car show. NO TRAILER QUEENS here. Just honest to goodness racing hardware!

For those who still complain about the banter that goes on in the Burn-Out Forum, this night was proof positive that what's written in there, stays in there. No fights, no scratched paint... just a LARGE group of DRAG RACERS hanging out together.


One noticeable thing to me was the number of turbocharged cars. My goodness! I've never been surrounded by so many force fed engines ever! Blow-off valves were whistling all around!

After the PMA worked their hearts out to get the timing system back online, qualifying began yet again. Things moved along for a bit, then... once more... no timing system. So, back to hanging out.


To make a long story short, in the end, the timing system just didn't want to cooperate. The decision was that all the drivers that signed up will be credited for the next ProSpeed event.

After talking with some of the PMA workers, it turns out that the power supply for the timing system just wasn't up to snuff. Hopefully, things will be worked out by the next event.


All in all, despite all the delays, people still had fun. Hanging out together and seeing all the cars do their thing (whether on the strip or in the practice area). After all the hard work of ProSpeed and the PMA, it just wasn't meant to be.

Next ProSpeed Event: Sept. 8, 2001

C U @ D Strip!!!