PDRF Event Report 09/01/2001 by: Dr. Clunky
Saturday, 01 September 2001 08:00

PDRF Event Report
by: Dr. Clunky

Twice in a row, downpours kept the PDRF from holding their trade mark events at the MHC. Racers from all over had been left with no where to race (except when DRP ran its Test-N-Tune night!). The ever prevelant leader of the PDRF, Nonoy Jarlego, finally put his foot down and gave the order... rain or shine, we race!

Mikki Moreno- DRP Test-N-Tune graduate

And so we did! The continuation of the Aug. 11th event was held earlier in the afternoon... Hmmm. I could've sworn I heard the annoucement was for the event to be held in the morning, so we could run the next event in the afternoon... Oh well. Better late than different, I guess.

Most racers from the Aug. 11th event didn't show, so things should've moved along pretty quickly. However, that wasn't the case. The heavens played "close-open" repeatedly throughout the day, slowing things to a crawl.

When racing did commence, things were exciting! Especially when a controvesy began to brew. In the final round of eliminations for the Sportsman Category. One of the racers was deemed disqualified because his dial-in time was beyond the class index (SPORTSMAN 13.00-14.49 sec.) Here's where it gets sticky. Qualifying was held on a different day (Aug.11) and in different conditions. Obviously, the car qualified to run in the class, but wasn't running the same way (weather had something to do with it) on Sept. 1st. Too bad, since this driver ran so well that he won the final round by a good margin. I was surprised to hear that he was indeed disqualified, since he had no control over the circumstances (qualifying two weeks before!). Maybe the PDRF should've excercised a bit more understanding. Oh well.

The frustration soon faded when the Pro Class came up on the line. Comprised of the EVO's of Vicente Peña (AutoPlus) and Dondi Montecillo (Redline Racing) and of course, the top qualifier (again!), Raymond Go (AutoPlus) and his Honda Civic EG.

EVO vs. EVO: This was THE race to see! Two super cars lined up, veteran drivers at the helm, both from very well known specialty shops. The lights came down and Montecillo gets the hole shot! Peña bogs off the line, giving the silver Makinnen Edition a good two car lengths advantage. By half track, the white steed of Mr. Peña began to make up ground! Amazing, I thought, as the win light flashes on right lane!

Hole Shot!

Final round: AutoPlus vs. AutoPlus. Vicente Pena and his top end charged EVO V in the right lane while Raymond Go and the Silver Bullet on the left. Both cars take off with turbocharged ferocity! Nothing in the movie Fast and the Furious can even compare! Just passed the half way point, smoke began to eminate beneath the Silver Bullet's undercarriage. This mishap allowed the Kansai powered EVO V pass Raymond at the big end, for the win!

(the PDRF didn't seem to think it was important we get them)

Second Event of the Day...

After a very long stint of showers, time trials were held... IN THE RAIN! Desparate was the PDRF to finish the event, that a wet track didn't keep them from running. (I wonder what the PMA had to say about that) It was a good thing that most of the cars were in the Street Stock Category and FWD. Otherwise, things could've gotten REALLY interesting!

Francisco Blanco- The Man behind A+ Horsepower

Team AutoPlus continued to dominate the field with their cars. Vicente Peña blasted through the 1320 in 11.7 seconds, to top the Pro Class. Dondi Montecillo of Redline Racing was struggling with their Makinnen Edition EVO VI, running in the low 12's.

"Not my day..."

Norliza Abantas of Team R Trix!

Street Stock Champ!

The final round of the Pro Class was even MORE exciting. Once again, the two EVO's from AutoPlus and Redline Racing faced off. In probably the closest race (at this level), Vicente Peña bags another win for the day! A 12.398 for the Makinnen (Dondi) to the EVO V's 12.386 (Vicente)! Talk about side by side action (that's a .254 sec. margin)!


Close races, amazing victories and frustrating loses... all the elements of a race event. This day sure had all of them. Can't wait till the next one!

Pro and Quick 8 Class
Vicente Pena AutoPlus EVO V
Dondi Montecillo Redline Racing Makinnen Edition EVO VI
Sportsman Class
Vic Cruz JAC Racing Toyota Starlet
John Grajo AutoPlus Honda Civic SiR
HotStreet Class
Alex Kho Racing Zone Ford Lightning
Dong Jarlego Good Guys Racing Honda Civic
Street Stock Class
Norliza Abanta Team R-Trix Toyota RAV4
Chuck Montecillo Redline Racing Honda CRV

C U @ D Strip!!!

Next PDRF Event: Sept. 15, 2001 at the MHC

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