Race Day Checklist by: Bernard Sy of Goodewrench Racing
Friday, 23 March 2001 08:00

Race Day Checklist
Submitted by:
Bernard Sy of Goodewrench Racing

  1. Additional clothing for unexpected weather conditions or nighttime chill.
  2. Blankets to lay on in the pits, cover up with, or to sit on in the bleachers.
  3. Stadium pads to sit on.
  4. Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and insect repellant.
  5. Shade umbrella, lawn chairs, and water-misters.
  6. Small firts-aid kit and any prescription medicine needed by your group.
  7. Ear plugs.
  8. Food and drinks, this includes bottled water. almost all tracks do not allow glass containers.
  9. Identification bands/bracelets for small children.
  10. Cell phones and important phone numbers you may need.
  11. Fire extinguisher.
  12. Helmet and any other safety wear you need for the class you are in.
  13. Flashlight or drop light.
  14. Shoe polish or window marker to write your car's number and dial-in time on the windows.
  15. Tools, including tie-downs, jackstands, floor jack, and tow strap.
  16. Fuel, oil, coolant, and other needed fluids.
  17. Portable air compressor.
  18. Miscellaneous hardware (such as nuts and bolts) and any extra parts you want to bring.
  19. Variety of different tapes, safety wire, and zip ties.
  20. Towels and rags to clean up any mess.
  21. Hand cleaner, towelettes, and a grabage bag.