Beaten by a Girl!!! by: Dr. Clunky
Saturday, 21 April 2001 08:00

Beaten by a Girl!!!
by: Dr. Clunky

I had the pleasure of driving John John Yap's (Racing Zone) Honda CRV (complete with body kit and a full exhaust system) in Street Stock. After going though the field during elimination's, I came to the final round against, get this, a RAV4!

I thought this was just the coolest thing. Two AWD "Sport CUTES" running head to head in bracket competition. What I didn't know was that the driver was a VERY pretty lady. No wonder there was such a crowd by the start line.

The three ambers came down and I was off! The RAV must've cut a good light since it was almost right by my side just passed the 60 foot mark. A quick glance over my shoulder confirms that my opponent was closing fast. Since the CRV was an automatic, all I could do was keep my foot on the floor and hope for the best.

Then, I heard a beautiful thing... a missed shift in the opposite lane. I knew I had this one won! All I had to do was n stay in front at the line. I let off the gas to make sure I didn't break out. "Yes!", I thought to myself. "Finally, I won!"
On the return road, I noticed the person giving out the time slips was holding the "pink" copy in the air. Oh man! I must've broken out!!! Sure enough, that was the case... by .413 sec.!!! Then, everyone was telling me that I was beat by a girl! OUCH!

Seriously, though, I am very happy for Norliza. From what I gathered, this was her first try at bracket racing. Already she is a Champion! Is this a taste of things to come? Will women flock to the drag strip and kick some serious butt? You know, what? I hope so!

Ms. Abanta just proved few fallacies that people still believe to be true. The first being that women can't race. Well, take it from me, SHE CAN! Next is that you need a race car to participate. No offense to Norliza, but the RAV4 isn't exactly a 1/4 mile stormer. But it was more than enough to teach Dr. Clunky a lesson or two about drag racing!

As badly as I felt that night for losing the final round, I felt really good knowing that a newcomer has just experienced one of the best feelings a human being can legally experience... the rush of winning! I'm pretty sure that Norliza has now caught the bug... the drag racing bug. I hope she never recovers. I still need a re-match! ;-)