Project Car:"Clunky Junker"
Thursday, 01 February 2001 08:00

Project Car:"Clunky Junker"
1981 Toyota Starlet
Photos Taken by: Mr. Jude Crisostomo
Article by: Clunky Driver

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Since we have been working the past few months to bring you all the news and photos of the best looking, fast and quick cars from the top teams and drivers, DRP thought it was time for something different. And believe me, this is about as different as it gets!

With the plethora of fuel injection systems, high-tech electronic gadgetry, turbos, superchargers and more, DRP is proud (?) to announce its First Project Car... the "Clunky Junker".

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- 1981 Toyota Starlet 2 dr. (barely)
Engine- 2TG Twin cam, 8-valve, 1600cc
Induction- twin Solex 40mm carbs (running on 1 barrel each)
Transmission- T50 5-speed

Body- stripped (might have been stolen) interior, tubular front-end (cheaper than actually repairing the front), 6-point roll cage (great place to hang your laundry), TRD (like) body kit (made from left over tupperware), one peice (left) front end
Suspension- Lowered springs (mangled), 6-link rear (had extra parts)
Engine- headers (why is my sink leaking?), used Mallory coil with used ignition wires, custom oil leaks
Rear Differential- Posi weld, 4.something...

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This little beast is powered by the venerable 2TG, 1600cc engine from Toyota. In stock form, the equivalent of 110 horses is generated. In its current form, probably 50hp! Induction duties are managed (barely) by twin Solex side draft carburators (complete with spitting and sputtering).

Power (?) is then directed to the T50 5 speed transmission (grinding in every gear), till it all finally reaches the posi welded rear diff.

Weight up front was cut (literally) by the use of a tubular front clip and a one piece nose (or part of it anyway).

Present rolling gear is a set of 16" Wildcard wheels in the rear and a pair of 13" Tom's look-a-likes up front.

Why do we want to build this car? Well, DRP wants to show people out there that it doesn't take a ton of money to go fast and have fun.  We also want to make this car a platform to help teach the novice drag racer out there the basics of drag racing. We will cover every thing from suspension theory to engine tuning. Even some body work tech!

Our goal- to build a consistent 13 second bracket car, join races and teach people about setting up an affordable race car.

If you have a shop, please contribute your efforts to build up this car! We'll gladly post your shop on our "credits" page. Ms. Clunker (as we fondly call her) NEEDS your help. The dust collecting in our wallets is not enough to keep her going. Please donate your used parts so they can be used in this noble effort. All contributors will be named in the credits.

Be a part of DRP's
First Project Car!

Help save the "Clunky Junker"!

When we first purchased (yes, we actually bought this car!) the Clunker, it's flares were falling off, the front nose was just sitting on the front end, one wheel was facing the north star while the other was looking the other way. Towing it home was a like watching a truckin front of you, with its tail gate open, doing 160kph (just waiting for things to fall out).

After spending a few days bolting the flares back on, welding a mounting system for the nose, installing a new battery, flushing out the bad oil, brake fluid and gas, as well as spraying the whole car in primer black (the rainbow look is out), she was finally ready to start. (not to mention sweeping all the dried leaves and cob webs from every nook and cranny)

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Believe it or not, Ms. Clunker started without much drama. After fiddling with the carbs a bit, she even idles smoothly! Because of this, we treated her to some more black paint around the engine compartment (to hide the numerous blemishes).

All she needs now is an alignment. We tried to get it close enough, so we won't eat anymore rubber than we already have driving it around for testing.

Finally, the Clunky Junker is half way decent enough to snap some photos for this web page. With any luck, you can gaze upon her in living color (dying is more like it), this Saturday, Feb. 24th, at the Manila Harbour Centre. Keep your fingers crossed! Maybe she'll do an 18 sec. pass... let's just hope she makes it there first!

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