Philippine Association of Drag Racers :: 2nd General Assembly
Saturday, 06 January 2001 08:00

Philippine Association of Drag Racers
2nd General Assembly
Jan. 06, 2001

Last Saturday was the date of the 2nd general assembly of the Philippine Association of Drag Racers. The meeting was held in the parking lot between the Green Hills theatre and Jolibee, in Green Hills.

For the second time around, the meeting began on the late side. It was set for 10pm. Officers of PAD began to show at 11pm! Talk about slow reaction time! But, as soon as there were enough of officers around, the meeting began. With the exception of Dondi Montecillo, PAD Chairman, who was in Cebu on a business trip.

Topics covered were about the transparency of money. PAD was adamant to state that all monies collected WILL be reported as well as where the money goes. So, if you are still wondering if this organization is straight, fear not, they are. No scams here.

PAD officers wanted to express that NOTHING is decided without the members. EVERYTHING is put to a VOTE. No monopolies here either.

To all PAD members, benefits await you! Beginning with the first event for the New Year! The PDRF will give a discount to PAD. This only works, though, for PAID members. PAD will registers its members early, thus, the discount. So, if you haven't paid your yearly PAD dues, do so before Jan. 13th!

Other benefits are MORE PRIZES for event participants. Cash prizes as well as some merchandise donated by various shops and individuals will be given to the top finishing spots in each class. This of course applies ONLY to PAID PAD members. This in itself is an incentive to join! will also donate our ever popular T-Shirts and stickers to those who win their respective classes.

To date, there have been over a 120 commitments to join PAD. Most of which haven't paid their yearly dues of 1000Php. I suggest you pay up before Jan.13 so you, too, can enjoy the many benefits of membership.

For now, only teams may join PAD. If you are interested in joining, all you need to do is form a team of three (3), give it a name and elect a "team leader". That's it! Your team can now be part of PAD. You will then be assigned to a regional director, to whom you will coordinate with.

Stay tuned for more updates on this organization for teams and drivers.
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