The Philippine Association of Drag Racers (PAD) :: First General Assembly
Tuesday, 12 December 2000 08:00

The Philippine Association of Drag Racers (PAD)
First General Assembly
Fat Willy's Parking Lot

Let me start this article by saying that, PAD is NOT affiliated with in any way. It is
NOT an affiliate organization. Some people may have gotten the wrong idea since the people responsible for forming this group just happen to be partners in DRP. PAD is an organization of DRIVERS and TEAMS.

With that out of the way, let me get on with the article.

I would like to point out that I think that this new association of drivers is a good idea. Solidarity among racers is greatly important to the sport of drag racing. The fact that it (PAD) is independent of any other organizing body (ie; PDRF, Inc. and ProSpeed) ensures that bias toward either events promoters, isn't an issue.

The first general assembly was held in two parts. First, in side Fat Willy's at the Fort, then in front, in the parking lot (too many people). Off to a shakey start, the principal organizers of the meeting were two hour late! A few people who showed up on time left thinking that they had mistaken the 6pm meeting time for 6am. I hope that future meetings will begin on time, since this will certainly affect the credibility of its officers.

Speaking of officers, this first meeting was also the election of PAD's officers. Below is a list of those
voted in to office.

Chairman- Dondi Montecillo
Northern Region Secretary- Kathy de Guzman
Southern Region Secretary- Reggie Garcia

Team Council Heads:
Fusion R- Boboy Rabe
Gaspeed- Vanni Garcia
Goodwrench- Toby Sta. Cruz
Group N- Mark Edmaldia
Matonetics- Mato Tan
Racing Zone/Start Motorsports- Jesse Go
Redline Racing- Dondi Montecillo
R Performance- Reggie Ramos
Select Boys- Rommel Flores
Speedpro- Conrado Carancho

The meeting stared at 8pm, roughly and ended past 11pm. Most of time was spent waiting for team
members and team leaders. Organizing everyone in to prospective groups also took a large chunk of time. When everyone was accounted for, the group moved in to choosing their new officers.

The next meeting is to be held at
10pm somewhere in between the Green Hills Theatre and the Jollibee parking lot, on January 6th, 2001. To those who want to attend and be part of PAD, please be there ON TIME.
meeting_part_1.jpg (50770 bytes)
Part one of PAD meeting
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Kathy leading the PAD meeting at Fat Willy's
meeting_al_fresco.jpg (61623 bytes)
Meeting Outdoors
meeting_al_fresco2.jpg (47354 bytes)
Getting down to business
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New Officers