Wednesday, 01 November 2000 23:44

The PMA Replies....
(an email from Vip Isada,Deputy Executive Director of the Philippine Motor Association)

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Please allow me to give my comments on your article "PMA Considers Licensing Drag Racers". After reading your article, there are a lot of misconceptions about PMA's role in motor sports that need to be clarified. I hope that next time you write on this, you conduct a thorough research first rather than relying on hearsay.

Before I proceed, I would first like to introduce myself. I am Vip Isada, deputy executive director of the Philippine Motor Association (PMA) and an 8-time Rally Champion.

The Philippine Motor Association is the governing body of motor sports in the Philippines by virtue of it being a member of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the world governing body. Therefore, all the motor sports events sanctioned by the PMA must run under the PMA and FIA rules.

These rules-starting from the Sporting Code to the technical specifications, safety, officials, track construction, venues, and others, including licensing-are all included in the 34th edition FIA's Yearbook of Automobile Sports (the FIA rulebook). Bulletins are also issued by the FIA on a month to month basis to inform the PMA and its members in motor sports about the changes in the rules. These are the basis of what regulations we apply in the country, nothing else.

With regard to PMA requiring all racers to apply for a competition license, I would like to explain first how a competition license could be acquired.

To apply for a PMA competition license, one only has to submit himself to a medical examination to the PMA Doctor; ECG and eye tests are likewise needed. The applicant will then pay a fee of one thousand Pesos only for the PMA racing license, which expires on 31 December of that year. This is done to screen the drivers of those using illegal drugs, have an eye problem or suffering from hypertension to improve the safety conditions for both the event and the competitors. And the money collected from the fees charged is infused back to the promotion and improvement of Philippine motor sports.

The requirement of a competition license has been existence since time immemorial. The license is a control tool to protect the integrity of an event and to ensure that competitors will have a level playing field; that they are physically fit to race; and, that they can appeal the decision on a protest by the stewards of events to the PMA. It has nothing to do with slow or fast cars, skill of drivers, speeds and danger factors.

It is the duty of the organizer to check that all competitors have a license. At the same time, it is also the duty of each competitor to acquire a competition license from PMA, to show that his intention is to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the PMA-affiliated organizers.

I strongly protest against what you're implying on your concluding paragraph regarding PMA. PMA's goal ever since is to ELIMINATE racing on the streets and promote much safer events. We at PMA keep on saying to the organizers to make their events safe. To join illegal street races, as you say, means less hassle. This is because they do not have rules; the organizers and drivers do not have any consideration for safety and therefore are not held accountable for any mishaps.

Licensing is the first step to safety especially to any serious aspiring drag racer. Why? Because through this, he and the organizers will know that he is fit to drive in a race. He will be properly informed of the rules and regulations of the races and his responsibilities as a license holder. Making our event SAFE and enjoyable can only be achieved with the cooperation of each and every competitor.

I hope one of these days we can meet to discuss thoroughly where PMA stands when it comes to motor sports.

You are welcome to visit PMA at 683 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, or you can call me at 723-0808.

Yours truly,


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