Auto Plus' Lancer Evolution VII
Friday, 26 October 2001 08:00

Auto Plus' Lancer Evolution VII
DATE: Oct. 26, 2001
ARTICLE BY: The Man in the RED Cap

The Friday morning started as a normal day at the Dragracingpinoy.combasement headquarters. "Mika", the house "pussy", was lying around, not her usual hyperactive self. I, on the other hand, just got off the phone with one of our future advertisers when I get a text message about an EVO 7 at AUTOPLUS... I WAS OUTTA HERE!

After a safe, "ticketless" journey to Autoplus (color coding day!:-P), I learned that I was just a bit too anxious... "it" was to be coming in at around 2pm... Lunch muna ako...(thanks to Mr. Francisco "God loves my work" Blanco, the Katsudon was good, man!)

Back from lunch...You guys gotta see this! I mean we've all seen the EVO 7 pictures posted on the internet! I confess that I also hated like it's "tame" luxury car looks and those oversize headlights! but, YOU GUYS GOTTA SEE THIS!!!! As soon as the mechanics were done cleaning/detailing the underside and it was taken off the lift by the proud owner himself, Gono, only then did my feelings change...

I overheard Gono telling a friend about this Evo being just a bit heavier than the previous model, around 6 kilos to be exact. Also about it having the new (not available in the evo 6) ACD (Active Center Differential), that electronically adjusts the diff to make the thing perform perfectly whether it be TARMAC, GRAVEL and even SNOW! AYC (Active Yaw Control) comes standard on this baby, a feature the MITSU people added on the EVO 6.5 (aka the Makinnen edition.)

With a 2.0-liter turbo'ed engine giving 276 horsees straight from the factory, we all have to wait and see what goodies Mr. Gono of Autoplus has in store for his brand spankin' new yellow baby. After seeing what they did to Manuel Go's EVO 5, what can we expect??? All I could tell you for now is...I WANT ONE TOO!!!!
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