The 2001 CUSTOM CAR AND SPORT TRUCK SHOW SM MEGAMALL Sept. 26-30, 2001 by: The Man in the Red Cap
Wednesday, 26 September 2001 08:00

Sept. 26-30, 2001

by: The Man in the Red Cap

Car show season starts again... another impressive collection of "babies" (as the owners could proudly call them) have been brought out of hiding to make us all drool with envy.

Splashed all around the display area were posters of the very popular(?) movie "THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS" and yet only the "classic muscle" Dodge Charger of Mr. Cojuanco looked like it flew from the SM cinema screen. Right beside the Charger was "Big Screen and Strip Action Star" Ace Vergel's apple of an S2000 prepped for show by Racing Zone. Old vs. New, just like in the movies...

Yes. There were a whole bunch of great lookin' trucks all over the place (sorry no pix here). Tell you what truck owners, bring it to the strip and I'd love takin' pix of your 4X4 pride & joy (i like em BIG too!).

Two of AUTOPLUS' show stopping Mitsu's (Manuel Go's maxxed ECLIPSE & out EVO 5) can also be viewed up close and this time WITHOUT the familiar "BAY BREEZE". Oh, by the way they also had a nice Nissan Patrol, but then that's a truck.

The absence of "import girls" to rest my "tired" eyes on, really gave me a "Limp Bizkit" sort of feel. But then Shell had 1 at their Velocity booth where they sold "Velocity Premium Items" (nice stuffand girl!). Bags, jackets and shirts for those of us who luv the blue stuff. Shell also brought in Mike Schumi's F1 car!

Also VERY noticable was Steve Payne's fine ZZtop hot rod, which i often see cruisin the metro but not the strip... Mr. Payne, Shall we give it a go, please???

So there you have it! If youre looking for a place where the cars aren't a blur(they don't run in here) and the air is nice and "CONDITIONED", go to SM Megamall's Mega Trade Hall to see them custom cars and sport trucks. You just might have a lil more luck than me. I saw only 1 promo girl!

"something red shall burst back to life and wreak havoc on the strip..." not nostradamus but watch out and be very carefull...

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