It's NEVER over until the FINISH LINE! by: the Clunky Driver
Friday, 16 February 2001 08:00

It's NEVER over until the FINISH LINE!
by: the Clunky Driver

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During one event, I witnessed a remarkable race between two Honda Civic SiR's. It illustrates the saying "It's NEVER over until the FINISH LINE!". Here's what happened.

Car 1 (left lane) dialed in at 15.50 sec. while car 2 (right lane), dialed in at 15.70 sec. As the lights went down, the reaction time on the right lane was a so-so .736, while the right lane had a dismal 1.055 RT. Car 2's driver, thinking since he had such a bad RT, decided to give up and just coasted to the finish. Car 1 on the other hand, no knowing that car 2 had let off the throttle, kept on going.

As car 2 crossed the finish line, I couldn't believe the time...15.674. He BROKE OUT! Meanwhile, car 1, still thinking he had already lost, was still coasting. He eventually crossed the line with a 23.265 ET. HE WON! (and didn't even know it at the time)

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That race clearly illustrates what bracket racing is all about. It's not having the fastest race car, or the car with the most HP. It's all about driving! And part of driving is paying attention. If car 2 had kept his attention on what was going on around him, he would have noticed that car 1 let off already. All he had to do was cross the finish line ahead of him. Instead, he had "tunnel vision", and tuned out the other car. To his disadvantage, he even broke out.

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So, the lesson here is, if you KNOW that you are going to cross the line first, DON'T risk breaking out. Let off a bit, just to insure you'll run within your dial-in. Also, one of the important skills of any racer is the ability to PAY ATTENTION to what's going on around him. Learn to spread your focus. This will not only allow you to keep track of your opponent, but also, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, avoid any dangerous incidents.