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PDRF, Inc. Event 02/24/2001 Manila Harbour Centre
Saturday, 21 May 2011 09:59

PDRF, Inc. Event
Manila Harbour Centre


Records were meant to be broken. The PDRF event at the Manila Harbour Centre this last Saturday was probably the fastest drag race event in its history.

To make things a bit interesting, there was a head wind, more prominent than usual. But, this was not to deter the combatants of this events from showing off their mettle.

First, there was the Silver Bullet of AutoPlus, running time trials DEEP in the 11 second range. All this, without the help of "laughing gas"!

Then there was Matonetics, whose "Just Two" Civic hatchback was running in the low 11's as well.

Redline Racing showed with the familiar Lancer EVO IV, piloted by Dondi Montecillo and their ALL MOTOR terror, a black EG driven by Marvin Montecillo. They also brought down a red Civic Hatchback, powered by a turbocharged B18C, which unfortunately ran in to engine problems. The EVO IV also met with an untimely engine failure, ending its day early, during time trials.

JAC Racing's Vic Cruz was also present with his "old school" Toyota Starlet.

P.A.D. represented sporting a "new" sticker design!

The event started later than usual, due to the late arrival of the participants. As a matter of fact, DRP arrived quite late also, due to the "Clunky Junker" (but that's another story).

Tuned by Matonetics, a Nissan Skyline was present to delight the crowd. It's Motec fuel injection system was still being tuned by master HP guru, Mato Tan. Despite that, and the fact it was still running 14.7psi (1 bar) boost, the all-wheel drive Skyline still managed a 12.4 sec. ET.

In the Final round of the Quick 8, Mato Tan of Matonetics squared off to Raymond Go of AutoPlus. Go had lane choice and positioned his Civic in the right lane, due to its better bite characteristics (when compared to the left lane). With both cars staged, the lights came on and they were off! Launching with such ferocity, like no front wheel drive car has a right to do, AutoPlus quickly got the advantage. Alas, a redlight on the right lane, meant that the Mato had the win. His SECOND Quick 8 title, in a row!

Prior to the Shoot-Out's, AutoPlus decided to try for the record during the time trials. I remember walking towards the PDRF tent when as the Silver Bullet lauched from the line. Going through the gears like a true PRO, Raymond Go looked like a man on a mission. As he crossed the line, all eyes went to the printer. The time was announced, "10.86 sec.@135mph!!!" The AutoPlus crew jumped up for joy, high-five'n and hollering in celebration.

Their day wasn't over yet. AutoPlus still had to back up their run. According to PDRF rules,  Raymond would have to make another run that would at least beat the existing record of 11.057 sec.

Back at the line, the Silver Bullet didn't even do a burnout (probably due to the better bite of the taller tires). Lined up agaisnt their own team mate, Vincent Peña (in an EVO V), Raymond was poised to go. Another great looking run... "10.86 sec.!!!" Dondi and Mato's eyes shut while their heads turned south upon hearing the news. The record now belongs to Raymond... The Fastest Car in the Philippines! (fastest Honda, too)

Record breaking performance continued in to the ALL HONDA Shoot-Out. Marvin Montecillo of Redline Racing ran a 12.78sec pass, surpassing his previous record of 12.817 seconds. Unfortunately for Marvin, he was unable to back up his record setting run. Making two passes more at 12.82 and 12.83 seconds, his old record stood.

All in all, Feb.24 was a truly historic event. Low 11 second passes from Honda Civics, all motor performance in the 12 second range and the Philippine's FIRST 10 second run all happened on the same day! As the President of the PDRF (Nonoy Jarlego) said "Only at the PDRF..." So far, he's right!

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Auto Plus' Lancer Evolution VII
Friday, 26 October 2001 08:00

Auto Plus' Lancer Evolution VII
DATE: Oct. 26, 2001
ARTICLE BY: The Man in the RED Cap

The Friday morning started as a normal day at the Dragracingpinoy.combasement headquarters. "Mika", the house "pussy", was lying around, not her usual hyperactive self. I, on the other hand, just got off the phone with one of our future advertisers when I get a text message about an EVO 7 at AUTOPLUS... I WAS OUTTA HERE!

After a safe, "ticketless" journey to Autoplus (color coding day!:-P), I learned that I was just a bit too anxious... "it" was to be coming in at around 2pm... Lunch muna ako...(thanks to Mr. Francisco "God loves my work" Blanco, the Katsudon was good, man!)

Back from lunch...You guys gotta see this! I mean we've all seen the EVO 7 pictures posted on the internet! I confess that I also hated like it's "tame" luxury car looks and those oversize headlights! but, YOU GUYS GOTTA SEE THIS!!!! As soon as the mechanics were done cleaning/detailing the underside and it was taken off the lift by the proud owner himself, Gono, only then did my feelings change...

I overheard Gono telling a friend about this Evo being just a bit heavier than the previous model, around 6 kilos to be exact. Also about it having the new (not available in the evo 6) ACD (Active Center Differential), that electronically adjusts the diff to make the thing perform perfectly whether it be TARMAC, GRAVEL and even SNOW! AYC (Active Yaw Control) comes standard on this baby, a feature the MITSU people added on the EVO 6.5 (aka the Makinnen edition.)

With a 2.0-liter turbo'ed engine giving 276 horsees straight from the factory, we all have to wait and see what goodies Mr. Gono of Autoplus has in store for his brand spankin' new yellow baby. After seeing what they did to Manuel Go's EVO 5, what can we expect??? All I could tell you for now is...I WANT ONE TOO!!!!
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The 2001 CUSTOM CAR AND SPORT TRUCK SHOW SM MEGAMALL Sept. 26-30, 2001 by: The Man in the Red Cap
Wednesday, 26 September 2001 08:00

Sept. 26-30, 2001

by: The Man in the Red Cap

Car show season starts again... another impressive collection of "babies" (as the owners could proudly call them) have been brought out of hiding to make us all drool with envy.

Splashed all around the display area were posters of the very popular(?) movie "THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS" and yet only the "classic muscle" Dodge Charger of Mr. Cojuanco looked like it flew from the SM cinema screen. Right beside the Charger was "Big Screen and Strip Action Star" Ace Vergel's apple of an S2000 prepped for show by Racing Zone. Old vs. New, just like in the movies...

Yes. There were a whole bunch of great lookin' trucks all over the place (sorry no pix here). Tell you what truck owners, bring it to the strip and I'd love takin' pix of your 4X4 pride & joy (i like em BIG too!).

Two of AUTOPLUS' show stopping Mitsu's (Manuel Go's maxxed ECLIPSE & out EVO 5) can also be viewed up close and this time WITHOUT the familiar "BAY BREEZE". Oh, by the way they also had a nice Nissan Patrol, but then that's a truck.

The absence of "import girls" to rest my "tired" eyes on, really gave me a "Limp Bizkit" sort of feel. But then Shell had 1 at their Velocity booth where they sold "Velocity Premium Items" (nice stuffand girl!). Bags, jackets and shirts for those of us who luv the blue stuff. Shell also brought in Mike Schumi's F1 car!

Also VERY noticable was Steve Payne's fine ZZtop hot rod, which i often see cruisin the metro but not the strip... Mr. Payne, Shall we give it a go, please???

So there you have it! If youre looking for a place where the cars aren't a blur(they don't run in here) and the air is nice and "CONDITIONED", go to SM Megamall's Mega Trade Hall to see them custom cars and sport trucks. You just might have a lil more luck than me. I saw only 1 promo girl!

"something red shall burst back to life and wreak havoc on the strip..." not nostradamus but watch out and be very carefull...

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The LOOSE NUT behind the WHEEL... by: Dr. Clunky
Saturday, 19 May 2001 08:00

The LOOSE NUT behind the WHEEL...
by: Dr. Clunky

When asked the question, "What can I do to make my car run quicker?", most people will answer "bolt-on's!". Of course the cheapest parts you can purchase are usually of the bolt-on variety. Then, as few people will answer, get head work done or have the whole assembly balanced and blueprinted. Surely, this is a great way to get maximum HP and reliability from any engine. A few, like me, will always recommend nitrous, by default (its still the easiest way to knock off up to 2 seconds in your ET!).

As you can see, the focus of MOST people is on the engine. "What about the suspension?", some of you are asking. Well, on an "old school ride", traction bars are almost mandatory at the very least. Then, there's a four link or ladder bar suspension for the rear. Can't forget the mushy front springs along with the 90/10 shocks for great weight transfer! Gears are another go fast goodie that drag racers often swap. Numerically higher ratios are very sought after parts for any drag car.

loose_04.jpg (10359 bytes)

Well, in all the banter and chats regarding how to make a car go quicker, what's often overlooked is the MOST IMPORTANT part of all... THE LOOSE NUT BEHIND THE WHEEL! That's right, YOU! The CHEAPEST and most easily modified (in most cases) part is the DRIVER. That's right folks, its not that groovy purple bottled nitrous system or that shiny set of adjustable cam gears.

Drag racing looks really simple from the spectators point of view. Two cars and drivers race down a straight 1/4 mile stretch of road. How hard can that be? Let's break it down.

loose_03.jpg (8521 bytes)

Did you know that when staging a car at the line, 1 inch can make as much as .05 of a second difference in reaction time and up to .15 of a second in ET?! That's right. That measly inch that most racers take for granted not only affects RT but ultimately, your ET. Shallow staging (where you are at the leading edge of the staging beam), gives you about 12 inches of a head start. This simply means that your car can roll 12 inches BEFORE the timer actually starts. On a 13 second run, that can add up to 2 mph and a .025 reduction in ET! For those looking to make their best timed runs, shallow staging really helps.

The next challenge is the 60 foot mark. This is the area that the amount of traction (or lack of) is measured. A 2.00 second 60 foot time is good for a mildly setup car on street tires. Any higher than this indicates too much wheel spin. Simple, right? Well, maybe not. Here's why. Sometimes, wheelspin isn't all bad. If a car were not to spin its tires at all, its possible to get an even higher 60 foot time. It really depends on the tire, car and driver.

loose_01.jpg (21694 bytes)

Most of the time, spinning a street tire is necessary to keep the revs up and have the engine operate at its maximum torque. This allows the car to move forward. As long as the car is accelerating forward, the spinning tires are ok. BUT, it is a very thin line between spinning and moving forward and spinning and standing still! It's all up to the driver to "feel" what the car is doing and reacting with his or her right foot. Done correctly, this can add up to a .25 of a second improvement! And that's an improvement that you can take all the way to the finish line!

loose_02.jpg (4609 bytes)

Now, here's where things get interesting. Shifting. Its an art that few can do correctly and even fewer that can do it quickly. This is where the MOST time is lost during a run! Many people don't take me seriously when I say that having an automatic is an ADVANTAGE in drag racing. Well, it is! NO ONE can shift as quickly and as consistently as an automatic. NO ONE. Here's a fact that I know newbie drag racers don't know. Most professional bracket racers use and automatic transmission! Sure, they have manual valve bodies that necessitate shifting manually, but how hard is it pushing or pulling a shift lever? Chances for a missed shift are VERY minimal and shifts are accomplished VERY quickly.

Here's another fact that most new racers haven't thought about. The LEAST amount of time that you can lose when you miss a shift... and I mean the LEAST, is .500 of a second! Usually MORE time is lost. Making up that time is just about impossible during the course of a run. If you miss a shift, you better pray that your opponent breaks or misses a shift as well. Otherwise, you just lost the race.

For most racers, 1 second of their run (assuming that they shift through all 4 gears) is spent on shifting. By improving on the speed of your shifting, you can cut this time down significantly! Remember, rowing on the shifter is just ONE of the things you do when you make a shift. You also have to depress the clutch, then release it as well. All of this should be done as quickly as possible! Imagine if you could cut the time between gears to .15 of a second. You just saved .400 of a second in your ET!

To some, this next part isn't thought about too much. The right foot. Have you ever thought about how much time you actually keep your accelerator ALL THE WAY DOWN on the floor? Ideally, it should be all the way from start to finish or 100% of the time. Guess what? That's NOT the case. Remember, the 60 foot mark? If you mashed the pedal to the metal right at the start, chances are you did a burn-out at the start line (and many of you do this!). In majority of the front wheel drive cars running street tires, full throttle isn't reached until over 2 seconds!!! On a 15 second run, that 13.39% of the run! Then, some new racers still lift between shifts (sometimes this is needed on really powerful cars). Each time you lift or are not at full throttle, maximum thrust isn't applied to the vehicle. This certainly affects your overall ET. Up to .2 of a second can be found by simply applying full throttle, SOONER and LONGER!

So far, by just improving on driving technique, you stand to improve at least .875 of a second! That's almost a full second!!! And you still haven't bought any parts or got dirty installing anything!

Still NOT convinced? Here's another reason to improve on your driving skills. The more powerful your car becomes, the MORE DIFFICULT it becomes to drive fast! If you think handling over 300HP to the wheels of any ride is easy, you have a rude awakening coming. If two drivers, one good and one not so good, were to drive a 15 second car, the better driver would probably be .15 to .25 of a second quicker. BUT, if the same two drivers were to drive an 11 second car, the better driver would probably be up to 3 to 4 seconds quicker!!! Why? Because it take GREATER skill to drive a faster car. The faster the car, the better the driver has to be.

loose_05.jpg (22217 bytes)

The moral of the story is, before you start modifying your car to its outer limits, look to improving the MOST IMPORTANT part of the car. The part that actually CONTROLS everything!!! The question you need to answer is, are you REALLY as good as you think you are? If not, save your money and practice more at the strip before you buy that nitrous kit and stroker kit for your ride. Otherwise, you might end up like MANY other racers that have 12 second cars running in the 15's.

Redline Racing's -DRP Impressions
Saturday, 05 May 2001 08:00

Redline Racing's

by: Chuck Montecillo

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I recently had the oppotunity to spend a few days driving a Honda Civic Type R, modified by Redline Racing. Yes, I did write, modified!

How lucky can a person be? Well, in my case, extremely lucky!

The Type R is a car that comes from the factory, ready for action. Seam welded uni-body, no non-sense components, bigger brakes, a potent B16B power plant, close-ratio gear box, limited slip differential, taller cams and Recaro seats. What else can you do to this already fortified machine? Quite a bit, I found out.

In the suspension department, coil overs were installed, while the binders were replaced by AP racing disks and calipers. The seats were replaced by a different model Recaro and the guage cluster was fitted with Mugen pieces. Even the steering wheel and 16" wheels were Mugen! A/C was also installed from a local Honda dealer to keep interior temps down.

The engine was beefed up with forged pistons, stiffer valve springs and even bigger cams. A Mugen 4 to 1 header takes care of spent gases, routed to a Tanabe "Stinger" style muffler. In charge of the fuel and ignition mapping is an Apexi computer box. A twin plate clutch now resides within the bell housing of the transmission.

With this much HP on tap, I find it amazing that the car was completely docile to drive in city traffic. Though, the clutch was quite on the heavy side, after driving it awhile, my muscles learned to modulate it properly. The engine doesn't get hot and the A/C keeps the interior very chilly!

The coils overs were surprisingly comfortable over rough city roads. Not at all like a race car. Handling was crisp and quite neutral in all kinds of corners. At speed, this car inspires confidence.

At the strip, launching on the street radials proved to be a challenge. Clawing at the track surface, I couldn't really give it full throttle until well past the 60 foot sensors. The best short time I could muster out of the car was a 2.301.

Shifting the close ratio gear box was really easy! THe short throw shifter was a bit heavier than the stock unit, but it didn't bind or hinder the shifting action. Power shifts were a blast, but shouldn't be done too often when the car doesn't belong to you.

The engine was just amazing! Rev it till 9,500 then grab the next gear... then, do it all over again. The car crossed the finish line consistently at redline (9,500rpms) in third gear. Out of the countless runs I made during the 2nd PDRF event this year, the engine didn't miss a beat. Not a misfire, stumble or complaint. Same thing goes for the rest of the car, for that matter.

I used up all my 7 time trial runs, ran eliminations the hard way, (2nd chance bracket), three times (once in the Sportsman class and the others in the Shoot outs)!

My best time of the day was a 14.152@ 96.56mph. Not bad considering that the car was driven as is... in STREET trim. This same car once ran 13.10 on slicks and avgas!

If there is anything negative about driving the Type R it would have to be the fact that it costs so much money! I was paranoid every where I went. It was tough finding a parking spot where it wouldn't be dinged or driving in traffic where every bonehead wants to chop the nose off the car!

All in all, it was a great treat to have been able to spend time with this car. I got to know it well enough that it was hard leaving it behind at the Redline HQ. Its the perfect blend of performance, looks and streetablility... Now, if it only had some ntirous, then I would call it perfect.

PS- in the fourth video, I did pass the Starlet on the big end.


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